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Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Keep gift giving simple by giving theme gifts. Here are 5 gift ideas that you can give to everyone on your list!

One of the best ways to save time (and sanity) on Christmas gift giving is to give theme gifts. This way everyone (or most everyone) on your list receives the same gift, but you can still personalize each gift to fit individual personalities.

This works especially well, if you have a bunch of people on your list.

But what should you give?

I think you should focus on things that most everyone uses or needs.

Here are my top 5 gift ideas plus ways to personalize the gifts.

Drink ware

We all have to drink, so pick a type of drink container to give: mugs, Tervis cups, drink tumblers, travel mugs.

Mugs and tumblers with initials are really popular right now, or you could buy drink ware that matches each person’s hobbies and personality.

There are endless Tervis tumblers* available online from sports teams to beach scenes to camouflage to peacock feathers!

Complete the gift by filling the cups with specialty beverages. If you give mugs, you could add specialty coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Packets of instant iced coffee, Crystal Light, or water enhancers such as Mio would go well in tumblers.

You could also add a gift card. One year my cousin gave all of the ladies in our family a pretty mug and a gift card to a book store.

That mug is one of my favorites and matches the colors in my kitchen. Here I am with it!

Simple gift ideas for everyone on your list!


Gift cards

When I taught, the teachers always did a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas. This meant that we could “steal” from someone else when it was our turn to open a gift.

You want to know what ALWAYS got stolen?

Gift cards!

Most of the time people just want da money, Honey!

This is an easy way to go. You can easily pick them up the next time you are at the grocery store. How convenient is that!

Personalize the gift cards by giving a coffee lover a Starbucks card, an outdoor enthusiast a gift card to Bass Pro Shop, or a DIYer a giftcard to Hobby Lobby. Then just add a nice bag of chocolates, beef jerky, or trail mix to go along with it.


Slippers/House Shoes

I call them slippers. My husband calls them house shoes.

Whatever you call them, consider giving them to the people on your list!

Slippers are like the drink ware. You can find all kinds of different styles. Try to match the style with the personality of the person you are giving them too.

I think it is fun to tuck a little something else into the slippers as an added gift. The handmade soaps from my friend’s shop, Nourishingly Natural*, would be a nice treat!

This year, I’m giving these soaps* to people on my list along with their main gifts. Everyone needs soap, so make it special!

Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list!



Giving books to everyone on your list is an easy theme gift because you can easily order them online. There are so many options out there. Think about each person’s hobbies and find books that fit their interests.

If you have a cook in the family, get them a Pioneer Woman cookbook*. Someone who loves American history would probably like a book about the Presidents. Someone who loves home would enjoy Make Room for What You Love*.

Give everyone books for Christmas just personalize the gifts for each individual.



If you don’t want to give books, give a magazine subscription instead. My mom has gifted me a subscription to Country Living a couple of times, and I really enjoyed it.

Again, think about the personalities of each person and find a magazine to match. There are health, handyman, home, cooking, and children’s magazines available.

Discount Mags has great prices on magazines. I’ve purchased a few through their site.


By the way, each of these ideas will work for adults and children! Are you giving theme gifts this year?


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