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My 2017 Goals

Today, I’m keeping it casual and sharing my top goals for the year.  Ever since reading Say Goodbye to Survival Mode*, I choose my goals based off of my top 5 priorities.

In the book, author Crystal Paine says that it is important to know your top 5 priorities so that you can focus your time and energy on what really matters to you.

My 5 priorities for 2017:

  • My marriage
  • Being a Mom
  • My Health (spiritual, physical, emotional)
  • My Home
  • My Blog

And here are my goals based on those priorities:

Weekly Date Nights

My husabnd and I have decided to have a weekly date night at home. After we put our son to bed, we plan on putting our phones up and having a date. I came across lots of free or inexpensive date ideas. If you are interested in some ideas too, check these out:

10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

32 Budget Friendly Stay at Home Date Ideas

Read More to My Son

The last two weeks I have been reading with my son before nap time. He has loved this!

We also read one book before bed, but that really wasn’t much. Being deliberate with reading time has helped me read with him much more! We are currently loving these flap books from Little People!

Purchase Devotional Books

Since I’m such a cheapskate, I usually just check out devotional books from the library. However, this year I purchased a devotional book and have loved being able to write in it!

So I’m going to spend the money and actually purchase devotional books this year. What is a woman’s devotional book that you recommend?

Spend Less Time on Chores

I’m so tired of spending time on cleaning and grocery shopping. The past couple of months I’ve been working on ways to streamline my cleaning and grocery shopping.

I’m still in the midst of tweaking my systems, but I’ll be sharing more with you soon!

Make a Solid Part Time Income

I put a lot of time into this blog, and I love it. But it is definitely a labor of love!

Last year I decided that I would like to start earning an income from my blog. My goal was to earn at least $200 a month by the end of the year. I accomplished that goal and would love to continue to grow to a solid part time income.

I’ve worked hard at giving you valuable information for free, and will continue to do that. I just took my first ever blogging course, and learned lots of valuable information that I hope to put into use this year.

Thank you for your continued support! I have lots of great posts planned for 2017 so stick around and let your friends knows about Queen of the Household!




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    Yay! Congratulations! I am glad that your hard work is paying off on your blog. :). My favourite devotional is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I hope all your goals go well this year!

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