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Packing Up and Organizing Christmas Decorations STEP BY STEP

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Growing up, my mom always took down the Christmas decorations after New Years, and I loved helping!

The organization aspect of putting it all away was fun to me. Yep, I’m a weirdo. 😉

In my own home, I usually pack up the Christmas decorations sometime the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Here’s the step-by-step process I take to pack up Christmas:

1. Star with the tree.

Since the tree is the biggest task, I like to tackle it first. I take the ornaments down and group them together. Then I take all of the bigger items off the tree like the snowflakes and ribbon.

Organized Ornaments

All of the breakable ornaments are returned to their boxes.

Whatever breakable ornaments don’t have a box, I wrap in newspaper or paper towels and place in a small box. I’ve found that the easiest way to store the nonbreakable ornaments is to simply put them in Ziploc bags*.

packing up ornaments

2. Gather Christmas decor from all the rooms.

After the tree is out of the way, I walk through each room one at a time and gather any Christmas decor that I can find.

I have found that it is best walk around the entire room, so that I don’t miss anything. Then all of the decor gets placed in one central location. For me, that is the dining room table.

All on the table

3. Clean out the storage bins.

Next, I empty all of my storage bins and wipe out any debris at the bottom. I love using plastic storage bins* because they are more durable and weather resistant than cardboard boxes.

Christmas Take Down Clean out Bin

4. Decide what Christmas items you want to keep and get rid of.

When everything is laid out, it is a great time to go through each item and decide if I want to keep it or donate it.  If I haven’t used certain Christmas decor in the past couple of years, I usually get rid of it.

This year I decided to throw out some ornament boxes that were worn out, a basket that is beat up, a couple of pillows, and an old candle that doesn’t light anymore.

Christmas Take Down Get rid of

5. Pack up the decorations.

After that, it is time to start packing!

I like to group similar Christmas decor together. For instance, all of the ornaments and other tree decor gets put in one box.

All of the outdoor wreaths and garland get put in another storage box.

Each year I make new labels for the bins out of note cards and a Sharpie marker. These note cards* happen to be 5×8 and neon!

Christmas Take Down Labels

As I pack the box, I write down the contents on the card. This way I don’t miss anything. Right after I put the nativity into the storage box, I wrote “nativity” on the note card.

It is super helpful to have a detailed list of box contents when I get ready to decorate the following year.

Then I simply attach the labels with packaging tape*, and put the bins away until next year!

Label Christmas Storage Bins

Supplies I used:

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Here's what to do after Christmas. Step by step how to put away and organize your Christmas decorations.

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6 thoughts on “Packing Up and Organizing Christmas Decorations STEP BY STEP

  1. This was very helpful and simple to do. The only cost is bins which will are reusable and last for many years to come. I plan to go through many years of unused decor and let my kids choose what they want to keep. Got to get busy.

    1. Hi Cyndy! Yes, I have used my bins for years. I think some of them are from college 17 years ago! Good for you going through the unused decor. It really is great not having to store the things that aren’t used!

  2. Hi! Love ❤️ your blog. Glad I found it. Even us old ladies can learn. I’m reminded of lots of things i did years ago and need to start again. I think of you often. Caleb is growing so fast. We need to get together soon.

    1. I’m glad you found it too! Yes, we need to get together! I have been very sick since becoming pregnant and have just now been back on my blog to see your comment.

  3. I know this is a little late, but I wanted to share an idea for Christmas storage. I recently decorated our guest-room and saved the bedding bags not knowing what I would use them for. They are clear so you can see everything and I was able to reuse the lables. Just turn them over and write items then put back in built in pocket. I took a pic but don’t see option to post it.

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