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4 Daily Habits for a Tidy Home

Are you tired of the clutter and the mess in your home? Now is the time to establish these four daily habits for a tidy home. These habits are pretty simple but once you start doing them, they have a big impact.

I’ll be honest, if you came to my home right now, you could probably write your name in the dust on my entertainment center.

This first trimester has really hit me hard and getting back into my weekly cleaning routine has been slow going. Plus I hate dusting, so I’ve been putting it off. 😉

However, my home IS tidy.

Things are picked up, there aren’t piles of messes that I need to tend to, and I don’t feel overwhelmed with my home.

I believe it is because I follow these four daily habits to keep my home tidy each day. Thee simple habits help me stay on top of the clutter before it gets out of hand.

By the way, I used to not do these things every day. Instead I would let the clutter build up throughout the week. Now I deal with the little messes during the week, so that I don’t have big messes to deal with on the weekends.

Are you tired of the mess and clutter in your home? It's time to establish these 4 simple daily habits. Once you follow through on these habits you'll have a tidy home and a lot less clutter. #tidyhome #clutterfree #declutter #routines #stayathomemom #homemaker

Here are the daily habits…

1. Deal with the mail right away.

Instead of throwing the mail on the counter and letting it pile up, I sort it right away. Usually it ends up in one of four piles:

  • trash
  • coupons
  • bills
  • miscellaneous (invitations, reminders, ect.)

I throw the trash away immediately, add the coupons and bills to the folders in my binder, and post the invitations to my bulletin board.

You can get a list of these habits and more with my FREE Clutter Free Checklist in my resource library of free printables. 

 Clutter Free Checklists

2. Do one load of laundry a day.

For the last two years, I have been in the habit of throwing in a load of laundry before breakfast. It is usually ready for the dryer after we finish getting dressed, and then I fold and put it away around lunch time.

This is so much easier than saving all of the laundry for the weekend. And this way we never run out of clean clothes!

do one load of laundry a day to keep a tidy home.

3. Follow Routines.

Before I followed routines, I used to throw my purse, keys, and shoes in random places when I got home. Then the next day, I had to search for them! I wasted so much time searching for my purse and keys.

It’s a little embarrassing!

Now, I simply follow routines when we get home. My keys are placed in the basket on my dresser, my purse is hung in my closet, and my shoes are returned to the shoe rack.

This prevents clutter building up in the main living areas, and I know exactly where they are the next time I need them.

My son also follows routines for picking up his toys (with some persuasion!). Before naps and bedtime, we pick up his toys, so that they don’t get out of hand.


4. Clean kitchen before bed.

I started doing this about two years ago, but I didn’t always make it a habit until Jen issued a challenge to clean your kitchen every night for an entire month. I accepted the challenge, and ever since then, it has become a daily habit.

During the day, I try to keep up with the dishes by putting them in the dishwasher after breakfast and lunch and wiping off the counter tops.

That way there usually isn’t a huge mess to deal with at supper time. It only takes about 20 minutes to clean up the kitchen each evening.

Waking up to a clean kitchen in the morning is wonderful! I will never go back!

Keep you kitchen counter clear even in a small kitchen.

If you are tired of the messes piling up, try adding these daily habits to your routine. They don’t take much time, but make a huge difference in keeping the big messes away.

Don’t forget to get your copy of the Clutter Free Checklists via my Free Printables Resource Library.




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      Doesn’t it?! It is so much easier to deal with little thing each day rather than big messes later.

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    I love how when you do things as a routine they become a habit and you continue to do it daily!

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