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Create a “Hidden” Home Office with Little Space

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If you have little to no space for a home office, make a hidden home office. Here are a few tips for making it work! Small homes can still be functional.

For the past two years, we have been using our smallest bedroom as a home office. But that is about to change!

We need this room for the baby, so that means I have to get creative and move the office somewhere else.

Here’s the problem: There is no where else!

Technically we have two desk spaces. One is the main desk and computer where I do my blog related computer work and my husband works on his music.

The other desk area was completely mine and I used it for running the household! Paying bills, cutting coupons, making to do lists, filling out the calendar, ect. Here it is (was).

5 ways to make a small house more livable. Use every available corner like this desk area.

We are probably moving the shared computer desk to our bedroom, but there is literally no where else in our home for me to put up my desk.

Instead, I created a new, almost hidden work space in our dining room.

Maybe you need a work space too, but don’t have an extra room, corner,  or closet that you can dedicate to an entire office. Here are a few ideas to help you out!

Find a clear surface.

Since you may not have room to add a desk to your home, find a surface that can do double duty. 

For me my dining room table is my work surface. It stays clear because we use it for so many different activities throughout the day.

What is a clear surface in your home? Look for…

Dining Room table works great for a desk when there is no room for a desk.

Decide on the essentials.

Before I moved my office space to the dining room, I went through all of my office supplies and paperwork.

Guess what?

Most of the items I had on my desk, I never used!

A tape dispenser, 3 hole punch, resume paper, different shaped rubber bands, a bunch of pushpins, way too many paperclips, and countless pens, pencils, and highlighters.

I decided to only move the essential office supplies to my new work space. The rest I either got rid of or put in a sturdy Ziploc bag in my closet. If I ever need those rarely used items, I can get to them easily, but for now they are not taking up valuable space.

When creating your new work space, try to only include the items that you will use on a regular basis.

Hide office supplies in a photo box.

Make your storage pretty.

Okay, this one isn’t necessary. But if your new work space is out in the open, I think it is important to make it pretty and functional. (Or even if it is not out in the open!)

I condensed my paperwork into three binders and added some coordinating scrapbook paper. Then I put my regularly used office supplies in the white photo storage boxes*.

The second box holds some of my son’s art and craft supplies. The canvas crayon box was made by my grandma. 🙂

Art and craft supplies!

The colored pencils and crayons add some color to the space, but they are still being stored up high where my son can’t get to them without me!

I love that my corner shelf is now functional and not just decorative.

Look around your home for containers that can be used for holding your office supplies. If you have shoe boxes or other small cardboard boxes, you could cover them in brown butcher paper (only $1 from Dollar Tree), wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper.

Pretty Office supply storage


Store office supplies on a shelf.


P. S. If you have a small home, you will want to check out my 5 tips for living in a small home! Or this post where I shared things to keep in mind when decorating a small home.

Sharing is caring!

4 thoughts on “Create a “Hidden” Home Office with Little Space

  1. My house is small so every space is used to it’s full ability. We have a small breakfast nook off our kitchen that I use as my office. It’s perfect and the space allows me to work comfortably and it’s at the center of our home so I’m always close to others.

  2. I have problems with the little things (like hole punches). I’m going to use your idea and put them in plastic bags in my desk. It just looks like a mess in a basket right now. Your new space looks cute.

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