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DIY Spring Grapevine Wreath

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Don’t pinch yourself! This really is a new post.

It has been almost two months since I have been able to share anything new with you, and I’ve missed it!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, then you already know that I am pregnant and was sick during the first trimester.

I appreciate your patience as I took time off to take care of my health. I am just days away from officially starting the second trimester and feeling SO much better!

I hope to get back into my regular posting schedule, but the posts may be a little shorter than usual. However, I will keep them full of practical tips!


On with today’s post…

DIY Spring Grapevine Wreath using Dollar Tree flowers

Wreaths on the front door make me happy! You too?

Back in the day, I used to buy new wreaths every season, but that soon got a bit expensive, and I was running out of storage space for all of my wreaths!

That’s when I decided to just redecorate the same wreath over and over again.

Grapevine wreaths are perfect for this. In fact, I’ve been using the same grapevine wreath for over 6 years now.

Supplies needed for a DIY Spring Grapevine Wreath!

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Wide Burlap Ribbon (Mine was actually strips of fabric.)
  • Green Narrow Ribbon
  • Faux Flowers ( I cut up a bunch of flowers from Dollar Tree.)
  • 2 Straight Pins*
  • Grapevine Wreath*


DIY Wreath How-To:

  1. Wrap the wide ribbon around the wreath. If you plan to reuse the wreath, just tuck the ribbon in between the branches instead of hot glueing.
  2. On the back of the wreath, attach the narrow ribbon to the wide ribbon using a straight pin.
  3. Wrap the narrow ribbon around the wreath and attach the end to the wide ribbon with the second straight pin.
  4. Stick flower stems in between wreath branches.


If you’d like to see a video of me actually putting the wreath together, you can watch it below!




Sharing is caring!

2 thoughts on “DIY Spring Grapevine Wreath

  1. I am not crafty AT ALL, but thanks to this easy to follow video, I’m heading to my craft store tomorrow. Thanks so much for this. I have been looking for the perfect wreath and this is it!

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