First Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations!

But now you are entering a whole new territory and wondering what are the first trimester pregnancy must haves.

In this post I’m sharing my must haves for the first trimester. Sometimes I dislike the term “must haves” because we are all different.

But it is still fun to see what others consider essential while pregnant.

5 First Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Lemon Essential Oil to help with smells.

I wish there were an on-off button for the nose, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. During pregnancy noses are in hyper drive. Usually it was some sort of smell that would cause me to throw up, so I was desperate for any help.

Lydia shared that sniffing lemon essential oil* helped her, so as a desperate pregnant women I gave it a try. Whenever I felt like I was about to lose it, I would grab my lemon oil and sniff it.

I know this helped me out on many occasions. I even took it with me to the grocery store!

2. Elastic Waist Pants to help with expanding waist.

I needed elastic waist pants* even at week 6 when the baby was the size of a seed, thanks to bloating. At 9 weeks I even brought out my maternity pants. They are just so much more comfortable than my jeans.

I don’t know how some women get away with not buying maternity clothes their entire pregnancy! For me, they are a must and super comfortable.

3. Grace for your pregnant self.

During the first trimester, your body is going through lots of changes. You’ll probably experience some morning sickness and tiredness.

Be kind to yourself and be gracious when you can’t get everything done that you’d like to.

The first time I got pregnant I didn’t give my pregnant self grace. Instead I worried about my messy house and the fact that my husband didn’t have a home cooked meal for over a month.

With my second pregnancy, I gave myself grace and let those high expectations go.

My husband did all of the grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, and made sure our son was fed and taken care of.

After I came home form the hospital for dehydration, my mother-in-law did dishes that had piled up for days and swept the floor that hadn’t been swept in over a week.

Normally, I would have been horrified that she saw our messy home, but I decided to just let it go.

I gave myself grace this time to simply rest.

4. Podcasts, Audiobooks, or iTunes to listen to.

If you get super sick during the first trimester, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in bed or sitting on the coach.

And if you are like me even pictures of food will make you sick to your stomach. That makes it hard to get on social media or watch TV. You may also struggle to have the energy to read books.

That’s why listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or music is a great way to spend your time. It gets your mind off of feeling bad, but you also can learn new things or be entertained.

5. Diclegis for morning sickness.

I saved the best for last!

Diclegis is the only medication that helped me with my extreme morning sickness when taken with other nausea medication. With Dicelgis, I was able to eat saltines and drink apple juice.

I don’t know how women who suffered from extreme morning sickness ever survived before medication. I’m sure many lost their lives which makes me so thankful for medicine that works!

Diclegis is often not covered by insurance and is insanely expensive. It is $8 a pill and I was taking 4 pills a day! That’s almost $100 in three days!

If you are having the same issue, go to the Diclegis website where you can print an order form to get Dicelgis at a much discounted rate ($1 a pill). It does take some time to process and get mailed, but it was the only way we were able to get the medicine that I needed.

If you are in your first trimester, my heart goes out to you!

One thing that helped me was to thank God each day for the little life growing inside me. It didn’t make the pain go away, but it reminded me why I was suffering.

Looking for some products that you must have during the first trimester of pregnancy? These tips will help you as you manage morning sickness!


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2 thoughts on “First Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

  1. I had a couple pairs of first trimester jeans as well as the bella band so I could wear other pants unbuttoned. I don’t know how any women manages to not do that. Sorry about the morning sickness. I had every other intense pregnancy issue known to man between both pregnancies but always managed to only have the queasy without ever really throwing up (once with my oldest).

    1. It’s crazy how every woman’s pregnancy is different. I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with too much throwing up. It’s not fun! Maternity clothes are so comfortable! I love wearing them even during the first trimester. 🙂

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