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Spend Less Time Cleaning

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"Ain't nobody got time for that!" Find out how I am spending less time cleaning my home. I used to spend all morning working on household chores, and I was so over it! That's when I made some changes to how I was cleaning.

One of the goals for this year was to spend less time cleaning. Last year, I was spending all morning doing household chores, and I was tired!

Over the last couple of months, I have cut back on the amount of time dedicated to housework. It has been wonderful!

You and your home are unique, but I hope that my list gives you some inspiration for cutting back on your cleaning time too.


1. Cut out the unessential.

When I started thinking about ways to save time, I came up with three things to eliminate. Get ready to laugh, because I don’t know what I was thinking with the last two!

I quit putting throw pillows on the bed. I make our bed almost every day, but the throw pillows were in the way and honsetly, they got on my husband’s nerves. So I finally decided not to use the throw pillows anymore.

I leave the furniture in place when sweeping and mopping. I used to move all of the dining room chairs and stools out of the room while I dusted and mopped. That was wasting so much time and energy! Now, I just pull the chairs out from the table, quickly sweep and mop, and push the chairs back in.

I clean the bathrooms one at a time. Our bathrooms are only a room apart, and I thought I was saving time by doing both of the mirrors, then the sinks, and then the toilets. That way I didn’t have to switch cleaners and rags.

But it was taking me MORE time to walk back and forth between the bathrooms than it would to simply switch out the cleaner and cloths! Really, I don’t know what I was thinking! 😉

You may not be wasting time walking back and forth between bathrooms, but chances are there is some unessential task that you could cut out.


2. Clean Less Often

There are 2 household chores that I despise: dusting and scrubbing the shower/tub.

I had already cut back my dusting to every other week. But I also started dusting the mini blinds once a month after seeing Ashley’s cleaning schedule.

Spend less time cleaning your house, dust every other week.

I also now only scrub the shower every other week. After seeing Whitney’s cleaning schedule, I decided to give it a try. I was afraid the tub would get too dirty, but it really doesn’t. In between weeks, I will quickly run a rag with some vinegar solution over the tub to pick up any hair or dirt.

This has saved me SO much time.

What is one thing that you could clean less often?


3. Avoid Distractions.

Last year, I had gotten into the habit of watching YouTube videos while I cleaned to help pass the time. I found that I was often stopping mid task to watch the video or comment on the video and find a new one to watch.

This was costing me a ton of time! This year I have stopped watching videos while I clean and now listen to a podcast with my phone and earphones. No more time wasted.

Is there anything distracting you while you clean?

Listening to podcasts while cleaning


4. Get the Right Equipment.

When we first moved into our home, I used a mop and bucket of water to clean our laminate floors and then I had to go back over the wet floors and dry them with a towel because there was so much water left on the floors.

About 2 years ago, I got smart and switched to a wet microfiber cloth for mopping! The microfiber cloth picks up gunk and dust from the floor and is super easy to use.

I also like using a dry microfiber cloth to dust the edges of the room and under furniture where it is difficult to sweep with a broom.

Microfiber dust mop

I am currently using this mop that Microfiber Wholesale gave me. I am not sponsored by them, but I am loving this mop that comes with 2 dust pads and one wet mop pad. The pads come on and off the mop easily and when I am done, I just throw them in the wash to use again!

Microfiber Mop System

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Emily! I love your tips. I agree that cleaning less often and cutting out the non-essential chores are great ways to still get everything done, while not becoming overwhelmed. Equipment really does make a difference! I love my microfibre mop!

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