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Transitioning Children’s Seasonal Clothes

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Simple step by step process for transitioning kid's seasonal clothes. This will save you money and time!

A couple of weeks ago, we were wearing winter coats! It was so cold for Florida in March.

But we are now officially in the season of non-stop heat. I busted out my white maternity shorts last week. They were my favorite to wear with my first pregnancy, but now that I have a toddler I may not be wearing them very often.

Anyway, I not only brought out my warm weather clothes, I also transitioned my son’s clothes from winter to summer (the 2 seasons in Florida!).

I keep it simple and have followed this same routine since he was a baby.

The first thing I do is make a list of all the clothes I think he will need for the coming season. When I come up my list, I keep in mind special occasions. This season those are: Easter, his birthday, fourth of July, and swimming/beach season.

I also keep in mind how often we do laundry and how many outfit changes we do each day. We are on the tail end of potty training. Hallelujah!

But there are still a few accidents here and there. Plus I have a boy who loves to play in the dirt and make messes. 🙂

Transitioning kid's seasonal clothes make a list of clothes needed

After the list is made, I pull out every piece of clothing and divide them up into 3 piles:

  • Fits and right for the season
  • Too small and worth donating/selling
  • Too small or stained and getting rid of

All of the clothing that is too small gets put in plastic bins and labeled. Usually there aren’t a lot of these because I set clothes aside as I do laundry and see that something is too small.

Next, I look over my list and adjust any numbers according to what he already has. For example, he had 4 t-shirts, so I changed the number from 7 to 3.

Having this list is super helpful when I shop. This way I know exactly what I’m looking for and how much of each item I need.

This saves me time, money, and stress.

Simple tips for transitioning kid's seasonal clothes

I used to shop clearance racks year round, and I know this works well for some people. If it does for you, then keep at it! Don’t let me discourage you.

However, when I shopped that way, I found that I often ended up purchasing more than I needed, stressed about finding the best deal, and sometimes bought things my son was never able to wear.

So now we set a budget and over a span of 2 about weeks, I shop for whatever is on my handy-dandy list.

First, I search the internet for deals. Because, hello, I love having clothes shipped to my door! And I’m not crazy about shopping especially with a toddler in toe.

Transitioning Kid's Seasonal Clothes play shirts

Whatever I can’t find online, I can usually find at Once Upon A Child, a kid’s consignment store. That way I’m done for the entire season!

The clothes are sorted into 3 of his drawers:

Top Drawer: socks, underwear and PJ’s (The bins are from Dollar Tree.)

Middle Drawer: play shirts (His dress shirts are hung in the closet.)

Bottom Drawer: shorts and pants

He helps me put his clean clothes away and knows were each item goes.

drawer organization is simple with easy bins from Dollar Tree.

Have you switched out your cold weather clothes for warm weather clothes yet?


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2 thoughts on “Transitioning Children’s Seasonal Clothes

  1. Great ideas! I usually just buy my daughter’s (boring) basics because she gets spoiled by both sets of Grandparents. I don’t normally have to purchase much, which is nice! I did buy her Easter dress this year. I wanted to have a little fun, too!

    1. Aren’t grandparents great! My son gets lots of clothes that way too, and I’m very thankful! I can’t wait until I get to pick out Easter dresses for our little girl. There are so many pretty options. 🙂 Happy Easter to you and your family, Ashley!

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