5 Simple Ways I Save Money Each Month

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When we first transitioned into one income after having our son, I searched the internet for money saving tips. I tried so many different ways to save money based off of other people’s advice and experience.

Some of it worked.

Some of it didn’t.

  • I made bread. My husband hated it.
  • I made laundry detergent. I hated it.
  • I made baby food. My son loved it!
  • I started making my husband’s sweet tea. He loves it! But I can’t stand sweet tea at all. Ha!

Simple ways to save money and cut the monthly budget! Saving money doesn't have to be complicated.

Even though some of the things I tried were flops, it was still important that I tried them and figured out what was best for our family as we got used to living on one income.

The same is true with your family. Just because your frugal friend makes homemade waffles doesn’t mean you can’t get frozen waffles for your family.

If you read how a blogger saves 75% at the grocery store each week, that doesn’t mean you have to as well.

I love to hear how other people are saving money in order to learn from them and get my own money saving ideas. But what works for my family may not work for yours or vice versa.

Whitney at Polka-Dotty Place recently shared how her one income family of four gets creative to save money. I loved how practical her ideas were!


Here are a few random things that we do each month to save a little here and there.


1. I cut my son’s hair.

Now, his hair doesn’t end up looking perfect, but it never was when I paid for it to get cut either. It is hard to get a perfect cut on a toddler who is on the move!

It took lots of trial and error to get to a point that I became confident with cutting his hair. I watched carefully as my hairdresser cut his hair, I watched YouTube videos, and my mom (a former hair dresser) gave me some tips too.

This clipper and trimmer set* that I use is only $25. I also use a basic pair of hair cutting shears* to trim the top.


2. I drink water.

Not only is water good for you, it is cheap! I know that not everyone likes drinking water with their meals, but I personally prefer it. My husband prefers drinking tea with his meals, which is very inexpensive too since I make it at home.

Start your mornings right with a glass of water!


3. I get books from the library.

Books and movies are hard for me to reread or re-watch a second time. So I prefer checking books out from the library rather than purchasing them. There are exceptions, but for the most part, the library is a great way to read new books without paying a lot.


4. I meal plan.

Honestly, I didn’t do any meal planning in January and February since I wasn’t eating or cooking. It took me some time to get back into it. During the time that I wasn’t meal planning on a regular basis, guess what we spent a TON of money on?

Yep, going out to eat!

It was a difficult season for us, and I definitely took a break from cooking. But now that I’m feeling better, I’ve been meal planning and it has saved us money. Check out my 2 tips for Easy Peasy Meal Planning if you need some help.

Meal Plan Calendar and free printables for meal list.


5. I shop with a list.

Not just for groceries either, but with pretty much everything. I like to keep a running list of things in the notes app on my phone. We are currently looking for some new-to-us furniture, so each piece that we need is on my list. As we are out and about we check out stores and see if we find anything.

Having a list keeps me focused and helps me avoid impulse buys. Although those buys still happen every once in awhile!


What are some ways you save on a regular basis?


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4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways I Save Money Each Month

  1. Big things we do are no cable TV, tracfones with no contracts, I coupon at CVS but not extreme, we eat most all meals at home and if we are going to be on the road we take drinks and snacks from home with us.
    Ugh on the homemade cleaners. I’ve tried multiple cleaners and laundry soaps but none of them worked.
    Years ago, in our very poor days, I made soap from saved hamburger and bacon grease and lye. It wasn’t a pleasant soap but it kept us all clean and i grated it for laundry soap. It did work.
    But now I am happy to have commercial soap and detergent.

    1. Oh, boy, making laundry soap is definitely a lot of work! I’m thankful for commercial detergents too. Thanks for sharing ways you save. We love taking snacks and drinks on road trips too. It saves us money and time!

  2. I keep a list of things we need in my phone too. Often with measurements for things that need to fit a certain place.

    I haven’t purchased window cleaner in 6 years. I cut all our hair, even mine. 98% of the time it works out. I don’t want to talk about my last hair cut…lol.

    1. Ha Ha, Julie! At least hair grows back, right?! My husband won’t let me cut his hair anymore after I forgot to put the guard on the clippers one time. He was almost bald!

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