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A Completely Honest Review of Walmart Grocery Pickup

Okay, so let me get two things out of the way.

1) Walmart Grocery Pickup doesn’t know who I am, expect the pregnant lady who spilled her coffee and fell in front of the store, but that’s a whole other story! So this is in no way sponsored by them.

2) I LOVE Walmart Grocery Pickup! Love it!!!

This service just came to the Walmart near me in April. I have used it 3 times and feel like I have a good perspective on the whole experience.

So to keep it simple and organized I’m reviewing the Walmart grocery pickup by sharing what I believe to be the pros and the cons.


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  • It saves time.

Lots of time. If you have a grocery list, it really only takes about 10 minutes to create your list online the day before. Every time I have picked up my groceries, it has taken less than 10 minutes from the time I arrive in my parking spot to the time I leave the parking lot.

That’s 20 minutes spent “shopping” and half of that was at home! Compare that to the usual hour or more that it usually takes me to grocery shop at Walmart!


  • It saves energy.

Let’s face it. Walmart is a huge store, and chances are you will have to walk back and forth between the grocery aisles if you forget something on your list. Now, add shopping with kids (or a spouse) and you have multiplied the energy that must be spent on grocery shopping.

Before using the grocery pick up service, I wouldn’t plan any other activities on that day because I was literally worn out after it all.

However, with the Walmart grocery pick up, you don’t have to even set foot in the store! And your kids can stay buckled up in their car seats while someone else loads your car with your groceries. It’s like a dream come true. Seriously!


  • It saves money.

Whenever I’m at the store, I almost always end up buying something that is not on my list. I try not to do this a lot, but there is usually something I see that I think we need. With grocery pick up, you can’t do that.

Also, as you add your items to your virtual cart, the total is updated. This way you know exactly what you are spending. This is such a great way to stay within your budget. When I shop at the store, it doesn’t matter how well I’ve calculated, the total at the register is always off from what I was counting on.


  • It’s better service.

Not every Walmart is equal. I’ve had some really great experiences with employees and some not so great experiences. But with grocery pick up, you get some great service. After each pick up I have completed an online survey.

Each time I gave them 5 stars except for one time I gave them a 3 which I’ll explain in the cons. That little survey didn’t go unnoticed. The deperatment manager at the store called me, the corporate office called me, I was refunded for the item that I was dissapointed with, and I was given a store credit. I’ve never had that kind of concern in store.


Walmart Grocery pick up


  • You don’t pick it out yourself.

Walmart’s promise is to only pick the best selection, and for the most part I have found that to be true. The one time I gave them a 3 on my survey, I had received Romaine lettuce that was brown on the tips.

After cutting the tips off, I was able to use the rest of the lettuce, but had I been in the store and seen it, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. I did receive my money back for the lettuce.


  • Substitutions

Every single time I have used this service I have been given a substitution which honestly, could almost be considered a pro. Here’s how it works. If they are out of a certain product that you ordered, they will substitute it with something similar but better and not charge you the difference.

For instance, I once ordered a 4 pack of pudding. They were out, so they substituted a 6 pack. Another time I had ordered the Great Value brand whole wheat bread. They were out, so they substituted Sara Lee whole wheat bread.

If I had been shopping in the store, they would have been out of those items and I would not have gotten them or I’d have had to get the “better” item and  pay the difference. So that is why I say this could be a pro.


  • You can’t use coupons.

As of this time, there isn’t anyway to use manufacturer’s coupons or Walmart gift cards. The only way to pay for the groceries is through a debit or credit card.

However, if you sign up via my referral code, you can get $10 off your $50 purchase and I will also receive a $10 credit. Then you will get your own referral code that you can share with friends and family too!



For me the pros far outweigh the cons. This service has been an incredible blessing to me, especially during my 1st and 2nd trimesters when I was low on energy.

For now, I plan to only use the grocery pickup about once or twice a month to stock up on items that I can get the cheapest at Walmart.


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    I love the way you approached this! I hadn’t considered your point on the huge increase in customer service, but you’re right. This is definitely a great option for anyone with kids – especially if you’re used to shopping Walmart’s selection and are familiar with what you want to order. Great post!

    1. //

      Thank you, Whitney! Yes, I think being familiar with Walmart’s selection is key to making this service work. Good point!

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    The lack of being able to use coupons is what has kept me from doing it. Well, that and the fact they don’t offer it here yet. 😉 I love the fact that they will substitute without charging you extra. That’s pretty awesome!

    1. //

      Yes, the substitutions are pretty great! I’m not sure how they decide where to have the pick up service locations. There were stores on the other side of town that had the service for over a year before the store near me had it.

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