Before Baby Stock Up

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STOCK UP BEFORE BABY Get this free printable checklist to get organized and prepare for baby's arrival.

Those first few weeks after the baby is born are a LOT of work. The last thing I want to be doing is grocery shopping or running around doing errands.

That’s why I made a simple list of things to stock up on before the baby arrives. Hopefully, this will help make the transition a little bit smoother and less stressful!

A couple of months before the due date, I started picking up one or two items each time I was shopping or saw something on sale that was on my list.

You can download and print off this Before Baby Stock Up Checklist for free.


It includes the following categories:


-bath and hand soap
-toothpaste and toothbrushes

Paper Goods

-paper plates
-paper towels
-toilet paper


-canned fruit, vegetables, beans, and soups
-frozen fruit, vegetables, pizzas, quick meals
-variety of freezer meals
-dry breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, breakfast bars, ect.)
-made ahead and frozen breakfast (muffins, waffles, egg sandwiches, ect.)

And a spot for extra items.

I also picked up laundry detergent, made a batch of dish washer detergent, and picked up some toilet bowl cleaner because we were running low.


Get the Before Baby Stock Up Checklist here.


Oh, and I absolutely plan on taking advantage of the Walmart Grocery Pick Up service during that first month too!


You can see the exact items that I bought and made in the VIDEO below.


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