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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

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The kitchen cabinet above my sink needed some desperate organization and decluttering. It had become a collection spot for clutter and miscellaneous items and I was having a hard time getting to the things that I needed.

That was a clear sign that it was time to make some changes!

I love doing little projects here and there around my house. Organization is not a one time thing. It takes maintenance like I mentioned in my review of the KonMari Method.

Also, organization doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. This project was completely free!

I simply took out the unused items and used containers that I already had.


Here are the steps I took to organize the kitchen cabinets above my sink:

  1. I took everything out and set it out on the counter to see what was actually up there.
  2. I grouped the items based on categories. The trash was thrown out, some items were put in better  locations, and the rest I put in containers.
  3. I wiped down all of the shelves.
  4. I only put back items that needed to be in the kitchen cabinet.


Small organizing and decluttering projects really are that simple!


I find that when I tackle little projects like this one, it is easier to maintain my home.How about you?


If you’d like to watch me organize and declutter in action, then watch the quick video below!


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