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How to Save Money on Kid's Clothes


Shopping for kid’s clothes doesn’t have to a cost a ton of money. I’ve learned a few “tricks” over the past few years that have saved us a ton!

By the way, I shared a new YouTube video of some of the deals I scored for our newborn baby. So check that out after you read the post!


Take inventory

Go through all of the clothes your children already have and make a list of all the tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, accessories, play clothes, and dress clothes. Then look for any gaps and make a list of only the items your child truly needs.

I talked a little more about this in this post: Transitioning Kid’s Seasonal Clothes.


Shop with a list.

With your list in hand, you will know exactly what to look for. This way you don’t spend money on items that your child doesn’t need or probably won’t even wear.


Compare prices online before shopping.

It takes a little time before hand, but checking prices online before going to the store gives you an idea of the going rate for a specific item. That way you have a certain price point in mind and know if you are getting a deal at the store or not.


Shop consignment (most of the time).

I know consignment stores aren’t for everyone, but I’ve found they work the best for me personally. These stores are particular about the condition of the clothes, are organized by size, and have a good selection. Those things are not always true for thrift stores, garage sales, and clearance racks.

Some of my favorite kid’s consignment stores are Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid. I like to shop their clearance and use coupons for additional savings.

Both of my local stores have text alerts and email alerts for sales. They even send out coupons for $5 off sometimes. If it works out, I like to sell a few items for store credit, and use the coupon all in one day.

Another option is to shop consignment online through Schoola*. I have found a few things for myself and my son this way by shopping during their frequent sales*.


Here’s my latest VIDEO where I shared my latest haul of newborn baby clothes!



If you have other tips for saving money on kid’s clothes, share in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Save on Kid’s Clothes

  1. I really need to try Once Upon A Child. We have them in Canada, too. I am mostly lucky, however, because my Mom and MIL both buy a lot of clothes for my daughter so I often don’t need too many things. I will sometimes shop end-of-season clearance for the next year. Some people don’t recommend this, but Miss. E grows in a fairly predictable pattern so I will buy next year’s snowsuit on clearance or other items that I know she will use. (I never buy shoes ahead, though. That is one place where I am no good at predicting.)

  2. That is so nice of your Mom and MIL! Yes, shoes are hard to predict. I tried buying some on clearance a couple of times and learned my lesson. 🙂 My son was never able to wear them!

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