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Favorite Cleaning Products

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Favorite cleaning products for a clean home

Last week I shared  some cleaning hacks for cleaning products I no longer purchase.

Today, I’m sharing all of my Favorite Cleaning Products!

I buy these products no matter what, even if they aren’t on sale. Gasp!

They really are just that good. I’m usually not brand loyal to things that I purchase, but these products are worth being loyal.


Scrubbing Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner*

I use this specifically for scrubbing the shower. It gets the water spots off the faucets and does such a great job getting the tile and tub clean.

I also like to use this on the bathroom sinks and counter tops.


Pledge Multi-Surface*

One chore that I hate and put off more than I should is dusting. Anybody else?

This pledge multi surface dusting spray helps me get the job done faster and virtually pain free! It works on glass, wood, metal, and granite surfaces. That way I don’t have to switch out the dusting cloths or dusting spray. Win! Win!


Scotch Bright Sponges*

I discovered these sponges shortly after I got married. They were the only scrub sponge that got rid of the hard water deposits on our bathroom sink and faucets.

Here in Florida hard water is a major issue!

By the way, I’ve tried the knock off sponges from Dollar Tree and was disappointed. So I stick to the name brand sponges.


Magic Erasers*

These sponges are truly magic! They are great at getting out crayon, koolaid, scuff marks …. pretty much anything that needs to come off of a hard surface.

I have found that the store brand works just as well as the name brand erasers.



Watch the VIDEO to hear me talk about each cleaning product and see me use them in action!


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