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KID'S Room Organization, Ideas and tips for organizing kid's clothes and toys

Oh toys!

My son loves them.

I love that he loves them.

But they can be a pain too. Between birthdays, Christmas, and even just other random times throughout the year, toys can easily pile up and take over.

Here are a few tips I use for keeping my son’s toys under control.


Keep Toys to a Minimum

That minimum is up to you and your family. I don’t think there is a magic number of toys that kids should have. However, if it feels like toys are taking over, it is time to cut back on buying more toys.


Purge Regularly

Again, how often you do this is really up to you. I intentionally go through my son’s toys twice a year: around Christmas and his birthday. However, there are times when a toy drawer is getting full, and I will take a few minutes to go through them and get rid of any toys that he doesn’t really play with.

Sometimes we donate these toys. Other times I simply put them up in a basket to rest for awhile and then bring them out a month or two later.


Divide by Category

Instead of dumping all toys into one location, sort them into separate containers. My son’s toys are loacted in different areas of his room which makes it easier for him to decide what to play with and makes clean up much easier too!

His outdoor toys and stuffed animals stay in his toy chest.

His bigger toys that he plays with on a regular basis are out on display. (drum set, chalkboard, dump truck, and bin of blocks and cars)

Toys with lots of little pieces are stored in plastic shoe bins under his bed.


See the VIDEO to see his toys and also how I organize his clothes.


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