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4 Tips for a Simply Organized Nursery

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Babies require so much stuff and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with all that stuff!

Since having two babies, I have learned a few things about keeping it all easily organized in the nursery.

Here are my best tips! 

Nursery Organization Tips

1) Don’t fold baby clothes.

Baby clothes are so tiny and they go through a couple of changes a day, so it is easiest to not fold them at all.

Lay all of the pants in one pile in the dresser and onesies in another pile. The sleep and play outfits simply get hung in the closet.

Baby socks can easily be thrown in a bin in the dresser drawer.

This saves so much time, and it makes getting to your baby’s clothes easy!

don't fold baby clothes for easy nursery organization

2) Use the dresser for more than clothes.

I keep crib sheets, baby towels, diapers and wipes in the dresser drawers too.

Since baby clothes are so small, they really don’t take up much room and a standard dresser is usually more than they need anyway.

I like to keep night time sleepers and sleep blankets in one drawer. In another drawer I keep tops and bottoms.

The socks are in a small foldable container from Dollar Tree.

If you are using the dresser as the changing table as well, fill a drawer with diapers and wipes to easily access. 

You can also store baby towels and crib sheets in the dresser to easily get to.

3) Use baskets and bins for the small random pieces.

Next to the rocker, I keep burp clothes in a small basket. That way they are within arms reach while I feed the baby. I just toss them in the basket instead of folding them. All of the baby blankets are in a basket to keep them contained in one spot.

Little items like nail clippers and baby brushes can be stored in small containers on the baby dresser.

Use baskets and bins to keep organization simple in the baby's nursery.

4) Put the unused items out of the way.

As babies reach different milestones, the things they need change. As a newborn, your baby won’t need a Bumbo seat, but in just a few short months, you’ll want to get it out and use it. 

Instead of keeping everything out, only keep out the items your little one is currently using. All of the other baby items that you will use eventually should be put in an easy-to-get-to location, but still out of the way. 

We stored these items in the closet and in some dresser drawers. 

This way you avoid a ton of clutter. You can’t organize clutter. If it’s out, but you don’t use it, then it will only be in the way. 

This is a Bumbo seat, rocking horse, and play mat being stored in the upper shelf of the nursery closet. 

A great place to store unopened diapers is under the crib! Just use a crib skirt to hide them. 

Watch the VIDEO to see how I put these tips to work in my daughter’s nursery!

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NURSERY ORGANIZATION Tips for dresser and closets

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