Build an Inexpensive Maternity Wardrobe

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If you shop the standard maternity stores during pregnancy, you know that you can easily blow hundreds of dollars on only a handful of outfits. It’s crazy!

During my first pregnancy, I really didn’t know where to look for clothes other than the standard maternity stores. All of the clothes I purchased the first time around were on clearance, but they were still much more than I would have normally spent on clothing.

And to make matters worse, the clothes were worn for less than a year! That’s torture for my penny pinching heart. 🙂

With this second pregnancy, I have been able to reuse 5 pieces of clothing from my first pregnancy. However, the rest were either worn out or too dressy for my current lifestyle now that I am not working outside the home.

That meant I had a lot of gaps to fill in my maternity wardrobe. Here are some tips that saved me quite a bit the second time around.

How to Create a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget! Build an inexpensive maternity wardrobe with these four tips.

1. Start early to get the best price.

This allows you some time to look around for clothes to get the best deals. That way you don’t have to feel pressured in the later months to purchase maternity clothes when you absolutely need them.

I started looking for maternity clothes at the very beginning of the second trimester even though I really didn’t need them yet. This allowed me to look around for what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay.


2. Stick with the basics.

It is tempting to want to fill up your maternity closet with lots of cute tops and dresses. But I’ve learned that it is easiest to purchase basic items that can mix and match. Then add some flair to your outfit with accessories that you already own.

I made a list of each of the basic items I thought I would need and then used that list when I was looking for clothes. Here is my list:

  • 3 shorts
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 3 dresses
  • 6 tops
  • 2 leggings

Having a list gave me focus as I was shopping so that I didn’t buy too many of one item and not enough of another.


3. Use what you have.

If you wear flowy tops normally, you most likely won’t need many maternity tops for the first few months. In fact, I didn’t start wearing my maternity shirts until about month 5. Pants and shorts however, were needed in the first trimester!

Accessories are a great way to make a boring outfit fun. During pregnancy when my wardrobe is more limited, I find that I am more deliberate about my accessories. It is fun to mix and match different earrings, necklaces, scarves, and shoes to create new outfits.

In the winter months, it is perfectly fine to use cardigans and jackets that you already own. They don’t have to button up! I also wear my usual tank tops under my maternity shirts. The tank tops are pretty stretchy anyway and they are much cheaper to replace than special maternity tanks.


4. Shop second hand.

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t know that second hand maternity existed. But it does! With this pregnancy most of my clothes came second hand and I saved SO much money this way.

Here’s a break down of what I purchased:

  • denim shorts from Kid to Kid ($5) This is a children’s consignment store similar to Once Upon a Child, but they buy and sell maternity clothes too!
  • jeans from local thrift store ($4) There is a huge, upscale thrift store in town that has a maternity section.
  • leggings* Amazon ($16 new) These are the softest, most comfortable leggings I have ever worn!
  • maxi dress from local consignment store ($12)
  • khakis shorts, 2 dresses, 3 tops from Schoola* ($25)

Schoola* is an online thrift store for women and children that gives a portion of their sales to school programs like music, and PE. They run major discounts off an on. Plus any purchase over $25 is free shipping!



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