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Gift Guide for Homemakers

Being a homemaker is sometimes a thankless job. There are so many mundane tasks that must get done each day and often go unnoticed by others.

If you have a homemaker in your life and want to give them a gift that will lift their spirits and make them feel a little special, here are some great ideas. Or if you are a homemaker yourself and want to give someone else an idea of what to get for you, be sure to share this gift guide with others!

You could give one of these or a combination of these gift ideas. They are all practical gifts but also ones that any homemaker will appreciate and enjoy!


Looking for the perfect gift for her? Check out this gift guide for homemakers!

A Little Pampering

1. Mrs. Meyers Soap

I fell in love with the Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap after I was gifted it a while back. It smells so good! But because it is a little bit pricier than standard hand soap, it may not be a purchase that women make for themselves.

2. Rose’s Razors

We all have to shave, so why not make it enjoyable! These razors have a sophistication to them that offer a little pampering. They are super affordable for the quality, and I love that you can order them online with free shipping. A great way to save time shopping!

3. Handmade Lotion

I received this peppermint lotion a few years ago, and it made my whole bathroom smell divine! It is a thick lotion that a little goes a long way.

The lotion came from my childhood friend’s shop Nourishingly Natural, an organic luxury skincare shop. Definitely check out her lotions for a pampering gift!


Around the House

4. Custom Wall Decor

My very talented friend makes custom wall art through her business Picket and Plank. If you are looking for something beautiful and unique for your home, check out her designs!

Picket and Plank
Picture via Picket and Plank

5. Pretty Apron

I wear an apron every single day either to cook or clean. Wearing a pretty apron* makes such a difference in my mood and confidence. There are so many styles available that would make it fun to match the apron to the personality of the woman in your life. I personally love this floral apron!

6. Baskets/Cute Containers

There’s always room for another basket! I use them all over my home for various purposes. Some hold toys, others hold kitchen tools, and I even have one hanging on my wall!

With the popular farmhouse style available right now, there are countless baskets and containers to choose from. I love the baskets with chalkboard labels*! You could purchase a few of the other items mentioned here and put them inside a cute container and give it as part of the gift.


Food Gifts

7. Coffee or Tea

If the woman in your life enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea, this is a great gift that you know they will use. You can find so many varieties at local grocery stores. Find one that is unique like this Starbucks holiday blend and peppermint mocha* as an extra special treat.

8. Chocolate

I have only met a couple of women who do not like chocolate. While I do not understand this, everyone is entitled to their own opinion! 🙂

However for those who do enjoy a chocolate treat*, this is often a welcomed gift. Just like coffee, there are many varieties available at grocery stores and even online.

9. Mixes

I love making food from scratch, but it can be time consuming getting out all of the ingredients and then washing the measuring cups and spoons. That is why I always love to receive food mixes as gifts.

You can purchase these from the store or make your own. When I was a teacher, I received mixes for bread, pancakes*, hot cocoa, tea, and soups. I used every single one of them! In the past I have even gifted my parents with specialty bread mixes for their bread machine. That way they could enjoy special bread without having to put a lot of work into making it.


I love giving and getting these types of useful gifts and hope they have given you some gift inspiration for the women in your life!


What is something you would love to get?




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    This is a great roundup! I love aprons and can never have enough. Like you, I wear one every single day. It’s nice to have a variety!

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      Yes! They make a difference in my mood and help keep me motivated even when I’m cleaning!

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