Christmas Goodwill Challenge

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Sometimes I have the worst luck finding deals at Goodwill and other second hand stores, but that sure makes the deals that I do find more enjoyable!

Last year I found this wicker tree for only $3 at Goodwill. I’ve seen trees similar to this for anywhere between $10-$20! I had been looking for one of these for awhile. So when I spotted this one, I decided it was coming home with me. 🙂

In the video I share how I used the tree to decorate my corner shelf for Christmas. This is part of a challenge by Hillary at My So-Called Home. Every season she encourages any one who wants to participate to find a second hand item (or items) for less than $5 and use it in their home decor.

These challenges are always a lot of fun to see what other people have found and how they have creatively incorporated it into their homes. You can see a whole playlist of videos here.

Watch my video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube! Thanks for watching!

Sharing is caring!


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