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Christmas Home Tour Video and a New Wreath

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Today I’m sharing my Christmas Home Tour with you through video. I stuck with the classic red and green theme and feel like it really reflects my personality. I hope you enjoy the tour and that it gives you inspiration to decorate your home in a way that you love as well!


Also, in the video I shared a sneak peak at a new wreath that I recently received from Silk Plants Direct. 

I was given this wreath for free, but I’m not sponsored by them nor are these affiliate links.

This wreath is beautiful and is just what I needed to put over the chalkboard in our dining room. That wall had been sitting empty for almost 2 years now because I didn’t know what to put up there. I think this wreath really finished off the space.

When Silk Plants connected me and said they would like to send me a product, I was really excited because I used silk plants in my wedding and know how beautiful they can be. Not all silk flowers are created equally. If you want quality flowers that look beautiful, you will get that with Silk Plants Direct.

You can use the code BLOGGER10 to get 10% off their products except for custom orders.

I love that I didn’t have to go to the store to purchase separate stems to make this wreath.

But who am I kidding?!

I could have never put together a wreath that looks this elegant!


I hope you enjoy the tour, and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel on YouTube, then head on over and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my videos!

Sharing is caring!

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