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What is holding you back?

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Is there something that you are afraid of doing? Something that is holding you back from accomplishing a goal or being the person you want to be.

If you have ever tried to do something and then failed, you probably told yourself that you were no good and may have even given up trying again. But you know, not everything comes naturally, especially on the first try.

My son is currently learning to ride his bike. It did not come naturally for him. In fact, it has taken him months to figure out how to pedal, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying over and over again. Just recently, he figured out the pedals and he was SO proud of himself!

He didn’t allow failure or the fact that he didn’t look as “cool” as the other kids to stop him from trying over and over again. And that got me thinking about myself and how I have allowed failure to hold me back as a homemaker.

You see, I don’t like cooking or baking.

In fact, I only do it because I have to eat and so does my family. It also saves us a lot of money when I make things from scratch.

Since I’ve never enjoyed cooking, I always just assumed that meant I was a bad cook.

Early in our marriage, I struggled with cooking. My husband has particular taste buds, and he is from the South where they cook much differently than how I was raised in Nebraska.

Plus I had never really had to cook before getting married. As a single woman, I was happy with a salad or sandwich most days.

So when we got married, I tried and failed several times to make things that I had never made before. Two items in particular that I just couldn’t make well were sausage gravy and biscuits and sweet tea. After failing a few times on both recipes, I gave up and told myself that I was a bad cook.

Instead of trying to improve, I simply bought those pre-made items from the store because, you know, I was a bad cook.

Or so I told myself…

What is Holding You Back?

Then I became a stay at home mom and wanted desperately to reduce our grocery bill.

I decided to give sweet tea another try. This time was a success! My husband said my tea tasted like the tea his grandma used to make. (Insert Happy Dance!)

He doesn’t even like the store bought tea anymore! WooHoo!

Maybe I wasn’t as bad as I thought…

Next, I gave sausage gravy and biscuits another try. And guess what?

My hubby loves my made from scratch gravy. It took me several attempts to get it just right, but now I know what I’m doing! I figured out how to make biscuits too, but I’ll admit we often buy frozen ones because they are so much easier. 🙂

At this point I started trying more and more recipes. We started eating at home a lot more (and saving money). And you know what happened?

I became more confident in my skills.

A few months ago, I realized I’m NOT a bad cook. I’m actually pretty stinkin’ good! And my husband will tell you that I am too. That’s a big deal coming from him because he doesn’t sugar coat anything when it comes to food. Ha!

How about you?

Is there a lie that you have been telling yourself that has held you back as a homemaker? Maybe you have said in the past…

“I’m not a morning person. I can’t get up before my kids.”

“I’m naturally messy. I can’t have a tidy home.”

“I’ve never been organized. I can’t meal plan.”

“I’ve never been good with numbers. I can’t cut the grocery budget.”

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I used to believe the lie that I was a bad cook simply because I hadn’t had enough practice.

That lie held me back for years! Imagine how much money we would have saved all those years or how many meals we could have had at home.

As you start thinking about your goals for the new year, what is an area in your homemaking that you would like to improve?

Take some time to think about a lie that has been holding you back.

Fill in the blank. “I’m not ___________ yet, but I’m working on it.”

It will take some time to get where you want to be. I didn’t conquer cooking overnight, but I slowly got better at it. And I’m still learning and improving because I choose to believe that I can do better and I act on it.

Choose to silence the lies that have been holding you back from being the mom, wife, and homemaker you were meant to be!

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