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The Foolproof Way to Stay Organized at Home

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The One thing you need to have for an organized home.

What do you really need for organization?

If you search “organization” on Pinterest, you will find pictures filled with color coordinated bins, glass jars with chalkboard labels, and lots of closet shelves. I love seeing those pictures but —–>

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret! shhhhhh…..

It doesn’t matter how many aqua plastic bins you have, or how much closet space your home has or doesn’t have. Those things don’t make a home organized.

In fact, my home doesn’t have a lot of storage space, and I can’t even remember the last time I purchased a bin for organizing, although (full disclosure) I did just purchase some labels from Dollar Tree that I shared in a YouTube video recently.  But I still have a tidy and organized home without taking a trip to the container store.

How? …. HABITS

Over time I have consistently done little things (habits) that have created an organized home for me and my family.

You see, the reason for organization is not to look cute or have perfectly symmetrical bins in your closet. Although, I love seeing those types of pictures!

The reason for organization is simply to make life easier.

Don’t we all want…

  1. Less time looking for items we own.
  2. Less energy spent cleaning and tidying up.
  3. Less stress tripping over our clutter.

I think the answer for most everyone is YES!

So what are the habits that you need for organization?

  • Keys and purse get put away as soon as possible after ariving home.
  • Mail is dealt with as soon as possible after bringing it inside.
  • Shoes are put away when taken off.
  • Clothes are put directly in the dirty clothes hamper or returned to the closet for another use.
  • Groceries are put away soon after returning home.
  • Makeup and other toiletries are returned to their containers after use, not left out on the counter.
  • Supper is cleaned up and dishes are done each night after supper.
  • Clean clothes are folded and put away as soon as possible.
  • Trash is thrown away instead of left out.

These are all habits that I have intentionally developed over time. They didn’t happen over night or all at once.

It started when I was tired of searching for my keys and purse every morning before work. That is when I finally decided that I would designate a spot for them and put them away every time I got home. I focused on that one habit for a few weeks, and now it is ingrained in me to always put my keys and purse away.

After that habit took hold, I added other habits that are needed for organization.

A couple of years ago, Jen at How Jen Does It, issued a challenge to clean up after supper each night for the entire month of July. I joined the challenge, and although there were nights I really, really didn’t want to clean up, I did anyway.

By the end of the month, I had developed the habit of doing my dishes every night after supper and still continue this habit today as part of my evening cleaning routine. Being completely transparent, there are nights when I clean up the counters and fill up the dishwasher, but I let some of the big pans sit and do them in the morning.

But the majority of the time, I LOVE waking up to a clean kitchen and empty sink!


So before you run to the Container Store or Dollar Tree for another bin, instead think about a habit that you could develop to solve an organization issue in your home!

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8 thoughts on “The Foolproof Way to Stay Organized at Home

  1. YES. Having an organized home requires discipline! Occasionally someone will tell me they need me to “work my magic” in their home or office. I always respond that it’s not magic, just discipline – or as you said, good habits!

  2. You are 100% correct!! Nothing will stay organized if you don’t have good habits in place to maintain it. We’re currently working on good habits of putting things where they belong when we walk in the door.

  3. About 15 years ago I went to a Longaberger Basket party, and the only thing there I could afford was something they called a Key Basket. It has a short leather handle that just fits over a door knob. Well……………it’s the BEST investment I ever made – who knew??? It has hung on the knob of our back kitchen door and made it impossible to ever lose my keys!! I walk in, turn around and drop my keys in, and there you go!

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