Newborn Must Have’s to Help Sleep, Feed, and Stay Healthy

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W are officially out of the newborn stage, and I have a 4 month old! This time with our baby girl has been so precious and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is my second child and I knew there were things I wanted to change this time around. For starters, I wanted the baby to sleep well and I also wanted to sleep well at night. That’s why the first two must haves are all about SLEEP! Something I think most parents want more of! 🙂

The last two items helped with my newborn’s health and breastfeeding. They were absolute necessities and worth every penny.


Halo Sleep Sack

If you have ever tried to swaddle a newborn, you know there is definitely an  art to it. And frankly, it is hard to do at 2 A.M. when you are half asleep. That’s why I loved using the Halo sleep sack* during the first few months. We were actually given the Halo Sleep Sack from the hospital, and let me tell you it is a miracle worker!

Not all sleep sacks are created equal. I tried a couple other brands with my first born that just wouldn’t stay together through the night. The Halo sleep sack* is super simple to zip up and has a wide strip of Velcro that stays in place ALL NIGHT LONG. Hallelujah!

The Halo Sleep Sack is a Newborn Must Have!


I didn’t follow any sort of a routine with my firstborn, and I also didn’t get a full night’s sleep until he turned one! It was around that time that I had started following routines in my day to day life and realized just how important and life changing they are.

There are a lot of different books written about newborn and baby routines. I personally chose Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep* after it was recommended by a friend. To me it was like a guidebook to babies. This book has had some controversy though. I think you have to make sure that as a parent you use common sense and are flexible. We don’t follow a strict schedule, but we do follow a flexible routine. I plan to share my review of the book in a few months.

All in all I highly recommending following some sort of a routine with your baby even if it isn’t Babywise. Routines enable me to know what my baby’s needs are and that has boosted my parenting confidence 100%! Not only that, but my baby sleeps great at night! I believe following the routine has been the reason for her success.

The Babywise routine was a definite newborn must have.

4 in 1 Car Seat Cover

When I first saw these, I thought they were genius. It is a cover that stretches over the car seat and also multiplies as a nursing cover, and shopping cart/high chair cover. You save your money and reduce clutter with these covers. And bonus, they are super cute. I get compliments on mine all the time!

It is super convenient to check on the baby without having to lift the cover up. You can just peek through the top hole without having to lift up the whole cover.

My doctor recommended that we not take the baby out in public for 6 weeks. Really? I don’t know if that is possible.

We tried to limit the time we took her out, but this cover was a help for the times that we did have to go in public. When you have a baby, everyone wants to get a look (and touch), but I noticed a lot less people asking to look when I had the cover on the car seat. It’s not that I don’t want to share my baby with everyone, but I really don’t want people passing their germs to her especially during the newborn stage. I purchased mine from the Etsy shop, Jasemet and highly recommend her store.

This car seat canopy cover is a must for keeping out germs from the newborn!

Nipple Shield

This is a very personal thing to share. I want to be as honest as possible with you while still protecting the personal details. Long story short, my newborn had a bad latch during the first 24 hours. By the time we caught it, the damage had been done. By the third day I was crying uncontrollably every time I nursed from the severe pain, and I was cracked and bleeding.

Shortly after that, I met with a lactation consultant who recommended using a shield*. The first time I used it, it was like the heaven’s opened and the angels sang! Seriously, the pain was no longer unbearable and I was able to feed without crying and wincing in pain! It took two weeks for me to heal and then another 3 weeks to wean my daughter off of the shield. But it was absolutely worth it!

If you struggled with severe pain and cracking and bleeding even though you are doing all the right things, ask your doctor about using a nipple shield. They come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right one for you. I cannot recommend them enough! Please note that it is not recommended to use these for an extended period of time.


Okay, so now I want to hear from you! Are any of these items on your list of newborn must haves? What was your favorite part of the newborn stage?



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6 thoughts on “Newborn Must Have’s to Help Sleep, Feed, and Stay Healthy”

  1. Oh my goodness! That 4 in 1 carseat cover sounds amazing! Where was that 4 years ago when my son was a baby? I looked for a shopping cart cover when he was little but they were so expensive and it didn’t make sense to spend that much money on something I would only end up using every once in awhile. I also wish I had read more books about routines etc with my second because they really helped with my first, but I really did pretty much forget everything the second time around! Great tips! 🙂

    • I know, right?! I wish I had one of those covers for my first born too! You are right, I’ve forgotten a lot from the first time, but it does all seem familiar at least so that is helpful. 🙂

  2. We also loved the SwaddleMe brand swaddlers for when the babies are small and it’s too warm for a fleece swaddle. Our lifesaver for both our girls was the Rock n Play. Neither one slept well flat on their backs but they loved the Rock n Play and slept in there until they outgrew it.

    • Oh, yes, the Rock n Play was a favorite for my first born too. He too slept in it until he out grew it. Thanks for sharing another swaddle brand. I hadn’t tried that one. 🙂

  3. I had to come and sneak a peek at the baby. She is just darling! We also kept our girls in for a long time when they were born. So many germs especially now with the flue going around.
    Big brother loves her I see!

    • Yes, he loves her! It is so much fun to hear him talk to her. Our doctor was adamant that everyone wash their hands before holding her since she was born at the start of flu season.

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