Mom, You Were Made to Thrive!

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Mom, You were made to thrive not just survive each day!

As I talk to other women, I hear the same thing over and over.

  • Motherhood is overwhelming.
  • They are exhausted.
  • How are they suppose to keep a clean and tidy house along with getting supper on the table and then still have time to spend with their husbands and kids, let alone have time for themselves?

And I get.

I’ve been there.

That was me a thousand percent!

When I became a mom 3 ½ years ago, I simply survived my days for the first 8 months. Motherhood made me feel tired and depleted. But one day during my first year of being a mom, I decided enough was enough. I was tired of feeling that way, and I just knew God didn’t want me to feel so overwhelmed by the new role He had called me to.

So I searched scripture to see what He had to say about it. I realized the tired, frustrated mom life that I was living was not what He intended for me and other moms. That’s when I started making changes.

I simplified my life through routines and decluttering. I changed the way I spent my time and how I took care of my home, my family, and myself. And slowly I began embracing the role of being a homemaker and I realized motherhood wasn’t as difficult as I had made it.

Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is HARD WORK.

Are there still overwhelming moments? Yep!

Are there days when I can’t wait to lay my head down at night? You betcha!

But that isn’t the norm and it doesn’t have to be that way for you either. You don’t have to stay stuck in overwhelm.

It takes intention and energy to balance all of our responsibilities, and during some seasons of motherhood we have to simply survive. Hello, Newborn Stage!


I don’t think God intends for us to stay stuck in survival mode as moms. I believe He wants us to enjoy it.

My hope is that I can give you the resources, strategies, and encouragement to thrive in your motherhood and enjoy the gift that it is on most days. And on the days when “it just ain’t happening,” I hope that you will find encouragement to not give up.

Mom life doesn't have to be overwhelming.

In Psalm 127:3, God says “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.”

I believe God wants us to view motherhood as a gift to be enjoyed and to thrive as keepers of our homes.

I’ve decided that is what I want my focus to be this year on Queen of the Household. My message this year is “Being a mom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You were made to thrive!”

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” That includes motherhood.

God wants you to prosper. He wants you to excel and to do well even especially when it comes to running your household.


I can’t promise you perfection, but I can promise you positive change if you are willing to put in the work it takes to get there.


So this year, look for content about routines, cleaning, decluttering, simplified living, and motherhood. I have lots of new posts that are super practical, and I believe will help every mom and wife whether you work outside the home, work from home, or are a stay work at home mom.

If you have any topics you would like me to write about, shoot me an email and let me know. Be sure to sign up for my twice monthly email newsletter where I’ll keep you updated with new posts and share even more ways to thrive.

I’m excited to continue this journey with you as we all aim to be the queens of our households in 2018!

Mom life doesn't have to be overwhelming. God made you to thrive!


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