My Detailed Laundry Routine

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Laundry and I used to have a love-hate relationship because I didn’t have a good laundry routine in place.

I loved having clean clothes to wear. However, I hated that it would pile up all week, and I would often end up running out of clothes by the end of the week.

And time and time again, I would forget about a load of clothes in the washer and have to rewash the load to get the sour smell out.

Well, just like I figured out that I needed routines to follow for the dishes and weekly cleaning, I needed a laundry routine.

do one load of laundry a day to keep a tidy home.

I know some people like to wash everything on one “laundry day” each week. Some people like to wash sheets on one day, towels, darks and lights all on specific days throughout the week.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to create a laundry routine as long as you do what works for you and your family.

Here is my laundry routine just to give you an idea. As always, I hope it gives you inspiration to figure out what works for you.


Dirty and Stains

My son, husband, and I all put our dirty clothes in the clothes hamper in our master bedroom. Towels, wash clothes, and dish rags are placed in a separate hamper in the laundry room, and the baby’s clothes are placed in a seperate hamper in her room.

Anything that has stains, I try to scrub as soon as possible with my Fels-naptha bar*. It gets out just about every stain. I love using it!

I learned this trick from my friend Kristen at Joyfullly Thriving. I also like using the Clorox bleach pen* on stubborn stains left on white material.

fels-naptha for getting stains out, detailed laundry routine


Every morning I toss in a load of laundry. I find that doing one load a day helps keep it all under control, and I don’t have to dedicate an entire day to laundry.

I wash most all of our clothes together on cold on permanent press. If I have items that need to be washed on delicate, I do those separately, but we rarely have any.

Usually I just end up hand washing and line drying delicates on my indoor collapsible wooden clothes line*.



TOWELS: Before washing towels and wash rags, I make sure they are dry and never damp. I also add a cup of vinegar in addition to the laundry detergent. I shared a little about that in this post about how I use vinegar in my home.

Making sure the towels are completely dry and adding vinegar helps take out that musty smell.

BABY CLOTHES: The baby clothes are always washed separately and with a mild detergent. I love using the Purex baby laundry detergent*.



As soon as possible, I try to throw the clothes into the dryer. If I put the load in first thing in the morning, it is usually ready for the dryer after I have gotten myself and the kids ready for the day.

Last year I purchased the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and one of the bonuses were these wool dryer balls*. I use these instead of dryer sheets. You can purchase them through Grove Collaberative. This is my referral link which means you can get $10 off your first order and I also earn a $10 credit.

I’ve started using Grove products for cleaning my home and love that I can get non toxic cleaning products for a discount and delivered right to my door.

wool dryer balls, a detailed laundry routine


Next up is folding the clothes and putting them away. I think this is one of the hardest steps for some moms.

Only doing one or two loads a day is my simple answer to getting it all folded and put away. When I saved all of my laundry for the end of the week, I dreaded folding load after load. Now that I only have to fold one or two loads a day, I’m much more motivated to get it done.

I like to fold our laundry on the dining room table. As I fold them, I separate them into piles based on the person and the item of clothing. For example, I have a separate pile for my son’s shirts and his pants since they go in different drawers.

Then when I stack all the folded laundry back in the laundry basket, I place them in order for where the items get put. For instance, when doing the towels, I put the bath towels in the bottom of the basket because they are put away last, and the kitchen towels are put on top of the basket because they are put away first.

My 3 year old is in charge of putting his laundry away. He has been helping me put it away in his drawers since he was little, and now he can do it on his own. Yay!

I try to put the clean laundry away as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes and I’m always glad when it is DONE!

So there you have it. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own laundry routine!

Are you ready to conquer laundry mountain? Check out this detailed laundry routine! #laundry #sahm #homemanagement


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4 thoughts on “My Detailed Laundry Routine”

    • Hi Laura! For towels and sheets I use the normal cycle. The only reason I run the clothes on permanent press is I don’t sort my laundry into separate permanent press and non permanent press. So that way it all gets washed on a little bit more delicate cycle than if I just left it on normal.

  1. Love it! I’m so glad you like Fels Naptha soap! I just looked to make sure I have enough for when our new baby arrives. I loved reading your laundry schedule…although I am one of those who would rather do it all on one day. However, we’ve been sharing a house with my in-laws for the past 8 months, so I’ve been doing laundry more regularly as we share spaces. You make me want to sit down and really think about what is the best laundry routine for us right now.

    • Oh, boy, I have used that soap SO many times in the past few months for diapers blowouts. 🙂 It is great stuff! I bet there is a lot of laundry that is done at your house. I hope you find a laundry routine that works the best for you. Of course we are all different, but I don’t think I will ever go back to one laundry day a week. One a day has been so helpful for us.

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