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How to Clean Less (#2)

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Tired of cleaning ALL day long? You don't have to be cleaning so much! Make sure you read these simple steps to spend less time cleaning!

Do you ever feel like all you ever do is clean. If it isn’t the laundry that needs done, it’s the dishes. And then the floors need mopped, the bathrooms are a disaster and the whole house must be dusted. Cleaning takes up a lot of time!

Valuable time. Time that could be spent playing with our kids, developing a hobby, helping a friend, or relaxing.

Last year I took an honest look at the amount of time I spent cleaning and I realized that I spent way too much time with a scrub brush in my hand. I was over it.

SOOOOO over it!

That year I made it my goal to cut back on the time I was spending cleaning.

I shared some ways that I cut back in this post —> How I’m Spending Less Time Cleaning, but it has been almost a year since then, and I’ve cut back even more. Oh yeah!

Here’s what I’ve been doing.


Kicked Perfection to the Curb

This one thing has saved me HOURS of cleaning a week! Perfection is never attainable. This is especially true when it comes to having a clean house with kids.

Here are some examples of how I’ve kicked perfection to the curb:

  • I used to move all the furniture when I swept and mopped.  —> Now I do a quick sweep and mop and get most of the spots on the floor.
  • I used to use a toothbrush to clean the nooks and crannies around the toilet lid. —> Now I just wipe it down with a rag and disinfectant.
  • I used to move everything off the shelves to dust. —> Now I just dust around items or pick them up, give them a little wipe, and set them back on the shelf right away.
  • I used to fold every little piece of clothing.  —>Now I just throw underwear in drawer bins, have all matching socks so that I don’t have to mate them, and stack the baby clothes out flat in the drawer.

Life happens at home. Kids play, learn, and love in your home, and that means that messes happen. Perfection can never be reached because that’s life. Do the best you can, but realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Manage toy clutter with three simple habits.

Follow Daily Routines

Each day I follow morning and evening routines which allow me to do get a load of laundry done, dishes washed, the kitchen cleaned, and clutter put away.

By doing a little each day, my house doesn’t get out of hand and I don’t have to deal with huge messes that have been built up throughout the week.

I also follow a very flexible weekly cleaning schedule. I don’t stick to a specific chore on a specific day. Instead I have a list of all my weekly cleaning tasks and assign a chore to two or three days in my planner.

I also have a monthly, quarterly, and yearly list of tasks that I write in my Bloom planner*.

I love having a master list to refer to. That way I don’t forget something, and I can easily add it to my planner. Each day as I go over my plan for the day, I see what my chore for the day is and spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes getting it done.

The Purpose of Homemaking

Clear the Clutter

Have you ever put off dusting or vacuuming because there was just so much stuff everywhere?

Then you do finally decide to clean, you have to deal with the layer of clutter that is in the way before you can actually clean. It’s really exasperating!

For instance, if you want to wipe down your kitchen counter tops, that means they have to be cleared off.

  • Mail should be dealt with right away, not stacked up in a pile.
  • Backpacks and work bags should be hung up.
  • Dirty dishes need to be put in the dishwasher or washed.
  • If you want to vacuum or sweep the floors, toys should be picked up.
  • Clothes should be placed in the hamper or put away in the dresser.

You can clear the clutter in your home by 1) having less stuff. I talked about preventing clutter here.

and 2) keeping daily tidying habits. I shared my 4 daily habits for a tidy home here.


When I think about the amount of time I dedicate to cleaning now compared to a couple of years ago, it is hard to believe how much LESS it is! I used to spend at least an hour sometimes more cleaning my house. Now, I don’t spend more than 20 minutes a few days a week!

I’ve been able to play more with my son. We started homeschooling. I spend more time with friends. All because I decided to stop cleaning so much and get smarted about how I clean my home.



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  1. It’s all about keeping it tidy before it gets out of control. Great hints! Shortcuts are the way to go because you have more important things to do like playing with those sweet babies. Have a great night.

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