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The Secret to Keeping Your House Less Cluttered

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Making decisions has not always been a strong character quality for me. When it comes to big life decisions like buying a house and even small things like ordering at a restaurant, I have to weigh ALL the options and make sure I’m making the right choice.

Indecisiveness can be a BIG time waster and cause stress. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that I have to give up the “Fear of Missing Out” and just make decisions and be happy with what I decide.

This is true about our clutter too.

Many times clutter builds up because we don’t know what to do with our stuff. We can’t make a decision because we don’t want to make a wrong decision.

Sell it? Donate it? Hold on to it? Give it away to someone? ….. But most of the time there is not a right or wrong answer.

So today, I’m sharing keys areas in our home that being decisive keeps clutter from building up.


The Clothes Chair

You know what I’m referring to, right? It’s the chair or pile on the floor where you put clothes that you don’t want to put in the dirty clothes hamper but you also don’t want to put back in the dresser.

One day I finally put a stop to my clothes chair. I decided that there is no in-between.

The clothes are either dirty enough that they need washed or clean enough that I can hang them back up or place them back in the dresser. Whenever I take my clothes off, I intentionally make a decision about where my clothes need to go rather than piling them up on the indecisive chair.


Mail used to be one of those things that I let pile up on the kitchen counter during the week. However, when I started embracing routines and decluttering, I realized the best way to deal with mail is right away!

As soon as the mail comes in the house, I decide what to do with it by throwing away the junk, opening up the bills and filing them, and putting away any other miscellaneous mail.

Kid’s Paperwork

I know that at age three, my son’s paperwork is only just beginning. But he does get a pile of papers each week from children’s church, AWANA, library group, and the homeschool pages and crafts we do at home.

Here’s the way I deal with it. We hang the “fresh” papers up on our display board. Then the old papers are placed in a folder.

Once the folder is full (usually after a few weeks), I go through it and pick one or two to keep. The rest get thrown away. I learned this method from Ruth Soukup’s book Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home Mind, and Soul*.

Maybe throwing away your kid’s paperwork seems harsh, but are you really going to go through ALL of their papers again? Probably not.

It is better to keep only a few of the ones that you want to look back on rather than a huge stack that isn’t so special.

 Pretty Office supply storage

Counter Clutter

The kitchen counter is a hot magnet for clutter. amiright?!

It’s the place where EVERYTHING goes. Go look at what is on your kitchen counter at this moment. Go ahead. Okay, what do you see?

I bet it’s a bunch of random stuff that you need to make a decision about. Maybe the clutter doesn’t have a home and you need to designate a place to put it.

Maybe the clutter needs to be dealt with in some way, but you just have been putting off making a decision about it.

The next time you are tempted to put something on the counter to “deal with later”, make a conscious decision to deal with it right away.

Home Décor

Do you have bins, shelves, and closets stuffed with home décor items that you no longer (or never) use? Maybe you thought it was cute in the store, but you brought it home and it just didn’t work, or décor pieces that were all the rage last year, but now you are over it.

I used to have SO many little knick knack décor pieces that I would buy, use for a little while, get tired of it, and then shove in the closet. I finally stopped purchasing items simply because they were cute or on sale.

Instead I got super intentional about how I decorate my home. I clearly defined what I like and started making lists of items I really wanted to add to my home.

When I got decisive about how I decorate instead of just picking up random pieces, that’s when I started really loving how my home looked. I shared a little more about this in this post. Clutter Free Home

 Are you tired of the clutter? Find out how being decisive can stop your clutter from building up. Read ways that you can declutter in your home to keep your home clutter free. #clutterfree #declutter #organize

Clothes in the Closet

I’ve heard it said that most people only wear about 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe. 20%!

You know what the other 80% is? Indecisiveness!

They are the clothes that don’t fit, don’t make us feel good, or we spent way too much on to let go. We don’t know what to do with them, so we let them take up valuable space in our closets (and minds).

It’s time to decide. Are we going to keep clothes even if we aren’t going to wear them or let them go?

The next time you look around at the clutter in your home, don’t get overwhelmed. Just get decisive!

Make decisions about your stuff so that it doesn’t keep piling up into a heap of indecision.

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8 thoughts on “The Secret to Keeping Your House Less Cluttered

  1. Love this post! I just read a quote that said, “Clutter is delayed decisions.” I love the practical applications you gave here. I’m certainly guilty of letting clutter pile up in several of these areas.

    1. Oooh, that is a great quote! Yes, all of these areas are places that I was/still am working on. Making decisions about our stuff is a daily discipline for sure!

  2. I loved the home decor topic. I watch these hauls on youtube and the absolute overwhelm of tchotchkes (crap) – especially seasonal – these women buy from dollar tree, the dollar bins at target or hobby lobby etc amazes me. I used to be pretty bad about having ‘all the things’ but then I went minimalist-ish and just stopped. Now I can go into a store and look, admire, and move on.

    1. Angie, I know exactly what you are talking about with those hauls. 🙂 I love how you used the word “minimalist-ish”! That is kind of how I feel about myself. I’m definitely not a minimalist, but I have cut way back on buying junk just to buy it. It takes the stress out of shopping, when you don’t have an expectation to buy something just because you are shopping.

  3. Oh my goodness – this is GOLD! I’m totally guilty of the ‘clothes chair’. Well, today it ends! It’s either dirty or clean. I love the quote from the previous comment about clutter being delayed decisions. So true. Thanks for an eye opening post. Shared everywhere!

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