4 Stay at Home Moms Tips to Make Life Easier!

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It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I learned how to simplify my life and in turn my motherhood.

Right before Christmas 2013, I was pregnant and just getting over hyperemesis gravedarium. It was my first pregnancy, and I was exhausted from being so sick.

That Christmas I only put up about one-third of my Christmas decorations, and I cut waaaaay back on all of the usual Christmas activities.

Instead of crossing a bunch of things off my to-do list, I was able to enjoy the season and soak in all of the sweetness of Christmas.

I chose to simplify everything that year, and it was the absolute BEST Christmas!

Doing less and purchasing less made my life much easier and I was happier.

That was my first step in choosing a more simplified life and it has helped me tremendously as a stay at home mom.

As a mom, you make decisions all day long for not only yourselves but for all your little ones too. There is a lot to keep up with, but when you simplify specific areas of your life and home there are less decisions to make, less stuff to manage, and less stress.

I believe all moms benefit from choosing simplicity and in turn so do your families.

If you want to make your stay at home mom life easier, consider choosing one or two of the following areas to simplify.

1. Simplify your wardrobe.

As I said before my maternity wardrobe was my breakthrough in choosing a simplified wardrobe. It consisted of about 15 shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses not including extra pieces like tank tops, jackets, sweaters, and accessories.

Most all of my maternity tops went with almost all of the bottoms. I was able to add variety to an outfit with my accessories and jackets. Corina at Now THAT I Can Do, Mama calls this an Elastic Wardrobe.

I found Corina’s blog a couple of years ago. Shares how to use what you have and also how to purchase clothes items that can be used over and over in different ways.

Here’s specifically how I simplified my wardrobe:

~ I figured out which colors look good on me and only look for those colors when shopping.

~ I have a limited amount of clothes with bold patterns. Corina has a Year Round Capsule Wardrobe Plan that I use as

~ The majority of my clothes are versatile and can be worn with several other pieces in my wardrobe.

My closet used to be filled to the brim with clothes I didn’t love. There were blouses that I had scored a great deal on but didn’t fit me right or didn’t go with many of my pants or skirts so I hardly ever wore them.

Now that I’ve simplified my wardrobe, it makes getting dressed each day so much easier and simpler.

2. Simplify Your Kid’s Wardrobe

Kid clothes can get out of control really fast with gifts, holidays and events, and kids growing out of sizes.

With my first baby, I was constantly on the lookout for clothes and finding a good deal. During the summer I would purchase clothes on clearance and hope that he could wear them in the winter. I would pick up a random shirt here and a random pair of shorts there.

However, the end result was a bunch of clothes and shoes that didn’t really go together and some of the items he wasn’t even able to wear because 6 months later, he had already out grown the size I thought he would be in.

Kids grow at different rates and it is hard to know what size they will be 6 months from now let alone a year from now!

So I stopped the crazy cycle of purchasing random pieces and got intentional with how I shop for my kids clothes. I simplified the whole process and I don’t stress over getting their clothes anymore.

Here’s what I do:

~ When the seasons change, I take inventory of my kid’s clothes. You can read more extensively about how I transition their clothes each season.

~ Then I come up with a list of what specific items my kids will need for the following season.

~ I take my list to the consignment store and pick out their entire wardrobe in ONE shopping session.

~ I look for clothes that are easy to mix and match by picking clothes in a similar color palette and limiting bold patterns. For example, my son’s wardrobe consists pants and shorts that are mostly navy, grey, or tan. I stay away from black.

Then I purchase shirts that easily go with navy, grey, or tan.

Transitioning Kid's Seasonal Clothes play shirts

3. Simplify Your Kid’s Toys

Just like kid’s clothes, their toys can quickly get out of hand. I’ll be honest. I don’t feel like we have a perfect system for my kids’ toys. It is a continual process of making it work.

There are days when I feel like there are toys EVERYWHERE! Those are the times that I know something is not working and we need to make changes. You can read more about how I manage toy clutter each day.

Here’s what we do.

~ Only purchase toys for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

~ The toys that we do purchase are usually fewer, bigger items rather than lots of little things that don’t get played with for long. For example, at Christmas we gave our son 3 gifts: a bike, a toy guitar, and a toy leaf blower. He loves and uses all three of them every single day.

~ We let toys rest by putting them in a plastic tub. If my son asks for a toy that is resting, we let him have it, but he has to play with it. If we find that he never asks for a certain resting toy after a fe months, then we get rid of it.

At this point we don’t do this in front of him because he is only 3 (almost 4), but he does see me donate things I don’t use on a regular basis, and we talk about giving things away so that other people can use them.

Every once in a while he will bring me one of he toys (usually a happy meal trinket) and tell me that I can give it to “another kid”. 🙂

 Simplify Motherhood

4. Simplify Meals

The last area that moms can simplify is meals. I’m not a fan of cooking, and I used to stress that my meals didn’t look like the recipes I saw on Pinterest.

I thought that I needed to try new meals every single week or somehow I wasn’t doing well. But you know what?

There is no rule that says you have to cook complicated recipes or that you have to serve different meals every day of the month.

I finally decided to simplify my meals by creating a master list of meal ideas. We rotate about 30 meals on a regular basis at our house. If I want to try a new recipe, I do. But I don’t pressure myself to try a new recipe every week or even every month.

I also simplified the sides that we serve with each meal and our breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Having a list makes meal planning super easy. It literally takes me 5 minutes to meal plan each week because I can quickly pick out ideas from my list.

These are 4 basic ways you can simplify motherhood. Simplifying your wardrobe, kids toys, and meals will allow you to make less decisions each day and free up your time and energy.

If you aren’t ready to tackle all of these areas, just focus on one thing to simplify this week. Then as you build momentum, you will find it is easier to simplify other areas of your motherhood too.

Before you go, be sure to get your free Balanced Mom Checklist for a clean house, supper on the table, and quality time with your kids.

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4 thoughts on “4 Stay at Home Moms Tips to Make Life Easier!

  1. This is great. I’m due with our second baby in a few weeks and have made a lot of the changes you mentioned in the past year…it was hard for my pride to ‘do less’ but I’m happier and a better, more peaceful mother. There will be seasons down the road to try more recipes, play more with fashion, etc. 🙂 But the years with littles just aren’t the best time. 😉

    1. Congratulations, Laura! I hope all goes well as you welcome your new little one! You are right. Choosing to do things in a more simplified way does mean we have to humble ourselves and in a way just lower our expectations in a good way. 🙂

  2. Great list! I have recently started to simplify my wardrobe after watching capsule wardrobe videos on Youtube. I have a bunch of clothes (dresses mostly) I can’t wear because they aren’t easy while breastfeeding so I’ve tucked them away so I don’t see them. For this coming season I put all my winter clothes away and brought out only clothes I would wear in the spring, leaving my winter and summer clothes away from sight. It makes getting dressed and putting outfits together so much easier when there isn’t a bunch of other clothes in the way.
    I really list the idea of a “master list” for meals. I should really do this as I always find myself meal planning new meals when really I have a ton of meals I know my family loves but I always feel like I should be finding more.

    1. That is great, Leah! It is amazing how much easier things are when we get rid of the extra, even just picking out clothes to wear. I know what you mean about feeling like I need to try new meals. I think we often put that unneeded pressure on ourselves. I hope that a master meal list makes your life easier!

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