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40 of the Best Things to Buy at Aldi! (and what not to buy)

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Figuring out the best things to buy at Aldi, especially if you are not familiar with the store, can be a bit tricky, so I want to share my Aldi favorites and not so favorites with you.

The first time I shopped there I was frustrated because I just didn’t know what to get. In fact I almost didn’t go to Aldi again, but one day I told my husband we needed to stop by the store to pick up some milk and bread before going home.

Guess what store he pulled into?

Yep! Aldi!

I picked up the couple of items that we needed and was amazed at how low the total was. I would have spent much more if he had gone to our local grocery store.

It was at that point that I decided to give Aldi another try and I’m so glad I did!

The past year we have found some favorites and some not so favorites. We probably do about 40% of our shopping at Aldi and it helps save so much money.

I also love that it is convenient. I can pop in and out very quickly because it is such a small store. That is a win-win for this mom!

*I asked on Facebook what your favorite things to purchase at Aldi are. You all did not disappoint! I’ve included all of your favorites at the bottom of this post. 

The BEST Things to Buy at Aldi:

1. SNACKS: All of these items are just as good as the name brand version at other grocery stores, but  less than half the  price! We get all of our snacks at Aldi.

Penguins (their version of Goldfish crackers)

Crackers (Wheat Thins, Cheeze Its, Triscuits, Club) We love them all!

Cookies (My husband says they have the best tasting cookies he has ever I had. We love the fudge stripe and caramel coconut that are just like the Girl Scout cookies.)

Granola Bars and Fruit and Grain Bars

Chips (veggie, potato, tortilla)

What to buy at Aldi, the cookies are some of our Aldi Favorites!

2. BREADS: All of the breads are good and so inexpensive. I even happened to get a couple loaves for 25 cents one day, and the expiration date was over a week away, so I purchased a couple and froze one loaf.

White Sandwich Bread (for the hubs)

100% Whole Grain (for me!) It is SO moist and delicious and reminds me of Pepperidge Farm bread.

Hawiian Rolls

Mini Bagels (perfect for breakfast)

Hamburger Buns

Hoagie Rolls

A picture of bread in a grocery cart at Aldi.

3. PRODUCE: I usually just purchase the produce that is on sale that week at Aldi. Sometimes the produce it bad which is really disappointing!

In my personal experience the fruit and refrigerated veggies are fine. However the veggies that sit on the shelf like peppers and even lettuce or cucumbers are sometimes rotten. I’ll be honest, it really grosses me out, and I wish Aldi would fix that.

Grapes: When they go on sale for 99 cents a pound, we get them. My son loves grapes, but they are usually so expensive anywhere else.

Mini Cucumbers: These are such a fun veggie to eat and often go on sale.

Carrots: Aldi has the sweetest tasting carrots.

Seasonal Produce (apples, melons, pumpkins): They always go on sale for a great price! Last fall I got a Jack o Lantern pumpkin for $2!

4. DIAPERS: They are around 10 cents per diaper and I actually like the Aldi brand better than LUV’s!

What to purchase at Aldi, The diapers are some of our Aldi favorites!


6. APPLESAUCE: We love the organic applesauce they carry. It’s even less expensive than the nonorganic!

7. WATER BOTTLES: At less than 10 cents a bottle, these are a great deal.

8. CEREAL: We LOVE the cereal at Aldi! It is usually less than $2 a box which is such a great deal!



What I Sometimes Buy at Aldi:

1. DAIRY: Their prices on dairy items are usually cheaper than the grocery store sales, but not always. If I’m at Aldi and need one of these items, I’ll pick them up.

Cheese Blocks: I like to get my cheese from Walmart. It’s cheaper and there is more variety.

Cheese Slices


Coffee Creamer: I’d rather get the name brand creamer, but their creamer works if I’m in a pinch.

Sour Cream


Cream Cheese

Ice Cream: We like their ice cream, but nothing beats Blue Bell!

2. CONDIMENTS: We like these condiments from Aldi, and I’ll pick them up if we need them and I’m at Aldi. Otherwise I get the name brand of these condiments when they go Buy-One-Get-One Free at our local grocery store.


Barbecue Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce


Hazelnut Spread



5. FROZEN VEGETABLES: Aldi doesn’t carry a large variety of vegetables and the bags are pretty small. So I only purchase some of my frozen vegetables from there. 


7. SEASONAL ITEMS: One favorite find at Aldi is the pumpkins in the fall! They also carry really fun gift ideas around Christmas and Easter. There are lots of holiday decor pieces year round too!

What You Shouldn’t Buy at Aldi:

1. Pizza Crust: These come 2 to a pack. We ate one, but not the other one. It had an aftertaste that we didn’t like.

2. Pickles: These were mushy. I like a crispness to my pickles. 🙂

3. Baked Beans: The baked beans lacked good flavor even when I added our own seasonings, and they didn’t thicken up either.

What my Facebook followers said are the best things to buy at Aldi:

  • Dairy: yogurt, greek yogurt, cheese
  • Meat: pork chops, gluten free chicken nuggets (and other gf products)
  • Desserts: cheesecake, mini eclairs, thin mint and caramel cookies (Many of you loved the thin mints!)
  • Snacks: veggie chips, Simply Nature white cheddar puffs, pineapple salsa
  • Starches/Breads: muffin mix, quinoa, small whole wheat wraps, new organic breads
  • Miscellaneous: their plants.
  • Produce in general and the cheap avocados and frozen fruit for smoothies

Guilty Chocoholic Mama is a fan of their chocolate chips.

Ruthie Grey is a fan of the chocolate ice cream.

Come Home for Comfort’s favorite is the produce prices, and she also likes their thin mint and peanut butter cookies.

It was fun hearing what you all love to purchase at Aldi. Thank you for sharing all of your great finds!

I figured out what to buy at Aldi by being willing to experiment.  I usually pick up one new item every time I go, to try it out.

Most of the time, we find a new favorite item!

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best things to buy at aldi and put on your shopping list

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4 thoughts on “40 of the Best Things to Buy at Aldi! (and what not to buy)

  1. I do so much of my shopping at Aldi- produce, packaged foods like the ones you named, I’m a fan of their diapers, trash and food storage bags and paper plates, also all of their baking supplies.
    I don’t like any of their cleaners like dishwasher, laundry,
    I don’t buy much meat there as I’ve been doing Zaycon and I usually stock up on meat when we travel to a military commissary.

    We also like their specials aisle- we’ve recently bought plush blankets, men’s athletic shoes, a garden gnome and clippers, kitchen cabinet organizers, rose bushes- the prices and quality of their specials are so good.

    1. I loved hearing what you purchase at Aldi, Rhonda! It is such a fun store. The baking supplies are awesome there! I did try their dishwashing detergent and wasn’t impressed, so I’m sticking to my DIY detergent. It sounds like the rest of their cleaning supplies aren’t the greatest either.

  2. I love Aldi, but it does take a little trial and error to figure out what products you’ll like. Their prices are amazing and I like the store once you get the hang of how things work. Our favorites are: dark chocolate sea salt caramels, chips, cereal bars, thin mints, olives, feta, string cheese, granola, fruit squeeze pouches, soft taco shells, taco seasoning, pasta, black beans, ziploc bags, napkins, toilet paper, diapers and organic fruit popsicles. My city is getting two brand new Aldis and I’m thrilled!

    1. Yes, it does take a bit to get used to Aldi, but their prices and quality products are worth it! 🙂 I love reading all of your favorites! We will have to try the organic fruit popsicles. Yay for getting new Aldi. It seems like they are expanding a lot lately which is wonderful.

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