Surprisingly Simple Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

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Your kids are the most important part of your job as a homemaker, yet coming up with ways to spend quality time with your kids is sometimes hard to do.

You get busy rushing from one errand to another, meeting a friend, or going to an event. Then when you are home you catch up on the housework, make supper, give baths, change diapers, and finally get everyone in bed.

At the end of the day, you realize there was no real time spent connecting with your kids.

I know that all too well, because that was me almost every day when I first became a mom.

Several months into motherhood, I took an honest look at how I was spending my days and realized I wasn’t connecting with my baby.

I was simply getting through my daily routine with him beside me.

I got to a point where I didn’t want that anymore.

I realized that spending quality time with my son meant I had to be intentional or it just didn’t happen. And now almost 4 years later, I still have to consistently be intentional about making connections with my kids each day.

If you are wondering how you can spend more quality time with your kids but don’t know where to start, I’ve got some great news for you!

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to do a bunch of Pinterest, perfect activities or play dinosaurs for an hour! You can make real connections easily.

You just have to be intentional.

Take Advantage of the Every Day Tasks

Every day you accomplish the same things with your kids like meals, getting them dressed, car rides, chores, morning routines, and bedtime.

It is so easy to rush our kids through these daily events, but think about ways you can intentionally make those every day moments count.

1. Getting your kids dressed and ready can be fun.

I used to want to pull my hair out trying to get my son dressed or brush his teeth. It was a test in my patience, and I didn’t always pass the test!

Then I took a lesson from Daniel Tiger and started smiling and singing while I helped him get dressed. He is much more motivated to put on his shorts when I sing, “And now we put on our shorts, our shorts, our shorts. Yeah! Yeah!”

It’s silly and my son loves it. Instead of nagging him to get dressed, we make it fun and it turns into a way to spend quality time with him.

I also used to view changing diapers as a chore. I would get it done without making any connection to my baby. Then one day, I realized this is an opportunity to make a connection with my little one. Now, while I change my baby’s diaper, I talk to her, sing a quick song, or make funny faces and laugh with her.

We make a connection, and she loves it! Instead of viewing the diaper change as yet another task, it became a quick way to spend quality time with my baby.

2. Meal time is another great way to spend quality time with your kids.

It’s easy to want to scroll through your phone, turn on the TV, or use the time to catch up on chores.

But doing that is missing out on an opportunity to spend time with your kids.

Try eating at the table together. My son absolutely loves when we eat meals together. We talk about the food, lawnmowers, the playground, and whatever else a little boy loves!

Most recently, we started reading a book at breakfast time. Another highlight to my son’s day.

There are times that we do watch TV while we eat a meal, but I try to keep that as a rare occasion rather than an every day thing.

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3. Involve your kids in chores.

Ever since my son has been able to walk, he has wanted to help me with chores. There are some things that he obviously can’t do, but I let him help with things that he can.

It makes him feel good to be a helper and it teaches him responsibility. It’s also another way to spend time with him and teach him.

He puts clothes in the washing machine and dryer, and he puts his clean clothes in his dresser drawers all under supervision, of course.

I also like to involve him in the kitchen on a limited basis. I don’t know if it is just my son or if it is all kids, but I can’t have him in the kitchen the entire time that I’m cooking because it is stressful for this mom!

So I will say, “I need your help with this job.” It may be something like putting the cheese on the pizza or adding flour to the mixing bowl. That way he gets to be a helper, but doesn’t stress me out. 🙂

Involving your kids in chores should be a gradual process. Just think about what they are capable of doing and start letting them help you.

4. Bedtime is another favorite time to make a connection.

Growing up, my parents always prayed with us before bed and sometimes my dad would tell us stories from his childhood while we laid in bed listening to him. I always enjoyed those moments.

Currently, my husband and I make a point to connect with our son every night before bed. We keep it super simple by reading a book, singing a song, talking to him about his day, and telling him we love him. He loves this one on one time each night.

Our baby has a very simple bedtime routine, but it is also another time that we intentionally make a connection with her as well.

Make real connections with your kids throughout the day instead of just getting through your days.

I promise, your kids will love it and so will you!

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