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 If you are anywhere on the internet this week or subscribed to email lists, you have probably heard about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and wondering if it is legit.

The first time I ever heard about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was in 2015, and honestly I thought it was a scam. There was such a hype about it from bloggers, and I thought it really can’t be that good…

I thought the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was a scam!

Then I finally decided to purchase it in 2016 because one of my favorite blogger’s home decorating course was included in the bundle for a cheaper price than if I had purchased her course outside of the bundle.

After purchasing the bundle I realized it wasn’t a scam. Yay! 🙂

I ended up falling in love with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle* and it has become one of my favorite online resources as a homemaker, mom, and woman.

It is such a great resource that I highly recommend it to you and to all my friends in real life too!

However, there are some legitimate reasons that The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle may not be right for you, and I want to address them today.

3 Reasons The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not worth it.

1. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not in the budget.

The bundle price is $29.97. While that is an amazing price for all the 104+ resources, it is absolutely NOT a deal if it’s not in your budget.

When I first became a stay at home mom, we were trying to figure out how to live on one income. Honestly, things like this were considered “extras” and they just weren’t part of the budget at the time.

If that is the same for you, then skip it.

Wait until it fits in the budget because the bundle shouldn’t become a financial burden. The resources in it need to make your home life easier.

If you really, really want it, I do have one idea for you. Request it for your Mother’s Day gift. Just make sure that is what you truly want and don’t expect something in May. 🙂

2. You don’t use digital products like are found in the bundle.

Everything in the bundle is an online resource. There are over 104 ebooks, printable, videos, and courses that you gain access to.

When you purchase it, you are able to click on different categories and then download the ebooks and printables you want to use. The courses are all digital as well with videos you can watch and workbooks you can download.

I love having a library of books that I can access anytime, any place without having to carry around a bunch of books.

The courses are great too. I often listen to the videos with my earbuds in while doing the dishes or going for a walk.

However, if you don’t prefer digital books, printables, and courses, there is NO point in purchasing this bundle.

When I first heard about the bundle, I hadn’t read any ebooks, but since then I have started enjoying ebooks so it isn’t a problem any more.

3. There is nothing in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that you will use.

Learn from my mistake!

Last year I purchased the Ultimate Work From Home Bundle. It’s put together by the same company, but a totally different bundle of resources. Anyway, I ended up not using most of the materials because it didn’t pertain to me.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle DOES pertain to me and I believe if you like what I share here on Queen of the Household, you will love it too.

However, if there is nothing in the bundle that you will actually use, there is no use spending the money on it.

Before you purchase the bundle, you can see all of the resources that are included. Just scroll down the page and you’ll see all the categories and each resource under that particular topic. Check out the bundle here.

Should you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is right for you if you love learning practical tips about home management, parenting, self care, time management, and marriage. The books and courses are FULL of encouragement and useful information for homemakers.

If the bundle is in your budget and you love the convenience of digital products, then I highly recommend purchasing the bundle this year.

Get your copy of the bundle* today because it is only available until May 6, 2019!

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