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How to Keep a Clean House in 3 Easy Steps!

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We all want a clean house but knowing how to keep a clean house is often what stops us. Managing a clean house can feel overwhelming. There are dishes, laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, organizing, and the list goes on and on.

I used to feel like having a clean house was impossible and that was even before having kids!

However over time I learned to break down my cleaning into manageable steps. Basically, I learned to simplify my house cleaning.

Here at Queen of the Household that is always my goal to share with you simplified home management tips that work.

So today, I’m going to share with you how to keep a clean house by breaking it down for you. Here are my top three tips for maintaining a clean house.

how to keep a clean house

How to Keep a Clean House

1. Stay on top of daily cleaning tasks.

There are things that have to get done every day in order to keep your house clean. The two things that most people struggle with are laundry and dishes.

Need I say more?!

Those two things seem to be never ending and often pile up into mountains that have to be tackled each week.

Through the last four years, I’ve found that the easiest and best way to stay on top of these tasks is to simply take care of them each day. If you do just one load of laundry a day, you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to laundry.

I throw in a load as soon as possible each morning, then sometime mid-morning, I transfer it to the dryer and usually during nap time, I fold and put the clothes away.

I’m a lot more motivated to fold and put the clothes away when I only have ONE load to do versus five or six loads. You know what I mean?!

Check out this post for my detailed laundry routine.

Dishes is another area of the home that can feel overwhelming. I found the answer is two fold.

1) Only have the amount of dishes that you actually need. That means you don’t need a million plates or glasses. Only keep available the ones you use on a regular basis.

2) Go to bed with a clean kitchen. If you are home during the day, make a habit of putting the dishes in the dishwasher and tidying up the kitchen after each meal. At the end of the day, take time to clean up the kitchen by washing the dishes and wiping down the surfaces.

I like to do this right after supper and then have family time, but I’ve heard of others who wait until the kids go to bed. Do what works for you, just make sure you go to bed with clean dishes and a clean kitchen!

2. Make a habit of tidying up.

I don’t think you should spend all day picking up, but I do think it is important to have at least one or two times each day that everyone pitches in to quickly tidy up.

I like to do a quick pick up right before bed. The places I like to pick up are the main living areas, the kitchen counter, and beside my bed. It really only takes about 5 minutes and is always worth it. That way I can wake up to a tidy home in the morning.

There are a couple of other things that help with this.

1) Involve the kids. They make a lot of the mess, right? So teach them even from a young age to help clean up. My four year old picks up his toys, clears his plate from the table, and will often help with simple chores. You can read more in a previous post I wrote about Toddler Chores.

2) Have less stuff. The less stuff you have means the less tidying you have to do each day. I purposely keep my kids’ toys to a minimum. They actually play better with fewer toy options and there is less to clean up!

The same is true for my household items. The less knick knacks I have out, the less I have to dust. The less paperwork I bring in my home, the less I have to sort. If you are interested in maintaining a clutter free home, you can read more about it in this post Clutter Free Home.

3. Keep a regular cleaning schedule.

Sometimes keeping a clean house is overwhelming because you just don’t know what to clean. I created a simple cleaning checklist to help you out. It is available in my Free Printable Library.

The checklist is super helpful because it breaks down exactly what you should clean each day, week, month, and quarter. There is also space to add in your own cleaning tasks.

I refer to this list when I plan out my weekly cleaning in my planner. Some people love to assign specific cleaning tasks to specific days. ie. Monday = Clean the Bathrooms, Tuesday = Dust and Vacuum

Personally, I don’t like to assign a specific cleaning chore to the same day each week because my weeks are always different. Instead, I sit down at the beginning of each week and look over appointments and events for the week. Then I plug in a cleaning chore on the days that I have time.

This cleaning schedule works for me. It is regular but not rigid. I can be pretty flexible with it, and still maintain a clean house.

Now you know how to keep a house clean!

By the way, I always want to remind you that having a clean house doesn’t mean having a perfect house. I’ve embraced the “good enough” mentality when it comes to my home because no one is perfect. I shared more about that in How I Cut Cleaning Time in Half and Is Perfection Paralyzing You?

So in order to have a house that is “good enough” clean, stay on top of those daily tasks and spend just a few minutes every day tidying up. The rest of the cleaning chores can be spread out throughout the week.

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how to keep a clean house

3 habits for a clean house. Learn how to keep a clean house even with kids with these 3 tips!

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