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90+ List of Common Family Meals

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This is the first post in a 3 part simple meal planning series with the following topics: list of common family meals, simple lunch ideas, and simple meal planning tips

Looking for dinner ideas inspiration? Here are over 90 ideas for what to cook for dinner.

Does your mind go blank when coming up with dinner ideas?

You sit down to meal plan and woosh every meal you have ever known is gone!

Believe me. I feel ya!

I used to hate when my husband would ask, “What’s for dinner?”

I would secretly wish that food would just appear out of nowhere, but sadly that never happened. 😉

Half the battle of knowing what to cook for dinner is not having any starting list to refer to. But having a huge list of meal ideas available to look at is super helpful!

I call it a master list of common family meal ideas.

My family has a list of about 30 dinners that we rotate on a regular basis. They are the tried and true family meals that we enjoy, and I know how to cook well. 

Whenever I meal plan, I simply refer to my master list of common dinners and then choose a couple of simple side dishes to go with it.

In this post, I’ve created a huge list of meal ideas to provide you inspiration to make your own master list of family meals.

Of course, not every meal idea is going to be your family’s favorite. This list is meant to give you a bunch of ideas, so that you can add to your list of dinner foods.

90+ List of Common Family Meals

Italian/Pasta Dinner Ideas

chicken parmesan
stuffed shells
baked ziti
beef stroganoff
chicken tetrazinni

Mexican Dinner Ideas

tacos (beef, chicken, pork, fish)
nacho bar
taco pie
taco salad

Meaty Dinner Ideaspork tenderloinroasted chicken

pot roast
roasted turkey
pork chops
chicken fried steak
chicken tenders
meatballs (BBQ, Swedish)
baked chicken (BBQ, Herbs)
gam (Sliced, Maple Glazed,fried steaks)
chicken pot pie

Sandwich Dinner Ideas

tuna melt
meatball subs
philly cheese steak
French dip
sloppy joes
loose meat
sausage dogs
BBQ pulled pork
BBQ pulled chicken
grilled or breaded chicken
egg and tomato

egg salad
chicken salad
tuna salad
ham salad
lobster roll
turkey wraps
pita sandwiches

Rice Dinner Ideas

beef and broccoli stir fry
beef tips over rice
cheesy chicken, broccoli and rice
cajun jambalaya
fried rice (chicken, pork, beef)
chicken teriyaki
Mexican rice
red beans, sausage, and rice
Korean beef bowl

Meatless Dinner Ideas

macaroni and cheese
salad bar
baked potato bar
bean and cheese burrito
broccoli alfredo
black bean stuffed peppers
spinach lasagna rolls
bean and veggie burrito bowl
eggplant parmesan
veggie fajita

Seafood Dinner Ideas

honey garlic butter salmon
fish tacos
shrimp fried rice
crab cakes
shrimp and sausage gumbo
garlic parmesan tilapia
baked honey marinated cod
fried catfish
seafood stuffed shells
shrimp enchiladas

Soup Dinner Ideas

loaded baked potato
vegetable (Beef, Chicken)
beef stew
chicken noodle
tomato basil
taco soup

I hope this huge list of meal ideas has given you many popular dinner foods to consider as you meal plan.

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Huge list of common family meals! This list makes menu planning easy as you decided what to feed your family for dinner. #meals #families #dinner

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