Second Baby Must Haves to Make Your Life Easier!

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When preparing for a second baby, it sure is nice to know what to expect for the most part. It was easy to eliminate things that I knew we weren’t going to use based off of having one child already, but there are some must have items for a second baby.

Throughout this past year with 2 children, there have been some essential baby items we have used over and over again and I’m thankful for each one of them. We currently have a four year old and an 11 month old baby.

Second Baby Must Haves

1. Pack and Play

With our firstborn, I only used the pack and play as a portable crib when we traveled. Rarely, did I use it at home. However, it has been a daily essential with our second baby. It is perfect for keeping her contained and out of the way of big brother.

Even though it keeps her in one place, she is still able to be somewhat mobile in it. We have a basic Baby Trend Pack and Play* and it does the job.

Baby peeking over the edge of a pack and play which is a must have item with a second baby.

2. Sound Machine

We use a sound machine for naps and bedtime. It signals to our baby that it is time to sleep which is something I learned in Babywise. The sound also helps drown out noise in the rest of the house.

With my firstborn, I was usually the only person in the house and didn’t make too much noise. But having an older sibling means we do things while baby sleeps. My son and I often do homeschool and play outside while the baby takes a morning nap.

It is nice being able to make a least some noise and not wake up the baby because the sound machine is on. We use the Munchkin Sound Machine and Projector*.

3. Multi-Use Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is perfect for a second baby if you nurse. I have found that we are out and about a whole lot more than we were with my first baby. Whether at the library, a playdate, or appointment, I always feel comfortable pulling out my nursing cover if the baby gets hungry.

I’m able to feed the baby and still let my older one play or do whatever he needs Personally, I love using this 360 degree cover. It acts as a carseat cover as well which I used a lot during the newborn days. You can read more about it in my post Newborn Must Haves.

I bought mine off of Etsy from Jasemet and love how fast it came. She has a lot of pretty designs! You can also find some nice covers on Amazon*.

Nursing Cover for Second Baby Must Haves

4. Monitor

With a small house, we hardly ever used a monitor with our firstborn. If he cried, I would hear him because he was right across the hall. I also, stayed in the house and near him since he was my only baby at the time, so we hardly ever used the monitor.

However, with a second baby, we have used the monitor almost daily! My oldest loves to play outside, and it was easiest to do that when the baby slept. That meant I carried the monitor outside with us.

Even on days that we stayed inside it was nice to have the monitor because my attention was often on my 4 year old and I couldn’t always hear the baby when she woke up. We use a basic Vtech monitor*.

5. Baby Carrier

I used the Infantino baby carrier* a lot when the baby was little for probably the first 6 months. It was incredibly helpful when I was by myself with the kids or even with my husband and the kids. The carrier is so much easier than lugging a carseat around and it frees up my hands for the most part.

6. Double Stroller

When the baby was able to sit up easily, I found that we used the carrier less and less. Instead we often pull out the double stroller. It has been a lifesaver so many times. We love being able to keep track of both kids this way and they love getting to ride around see all the sights!

Our stroller is an older version of the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller* that we found at a consignment store for a deal. I love the under carriage storage and the cup holders on top. It has been perfect for us!

Picture of a toddler and baby in a double stroller

Each of these items, are pretty basic but super helpful and essential must haves with a second born. What would you add to the list?

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What you need for your second baby

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