How to Build a Kid’s Wardrobe

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This post is part of a 3 part series all about simplifying your kid’s wardrobe. In this post I’m sharing how to build a kid’s wardrobe, next I’ll share tips for shopping kid’s consignment stores, and last I’ll share how I organize my kids’ clothes.

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Building a Kid’s Wardrobe used to overwhelm me. I was constantly searching for a good deal and picking up random articles of clothing hoping it would create a wardrobe.

The whole process felt so unorganized and scattered. It was hard to keep up with all the random clothes. Finally, I figured out a way to simplify it all and I’m sharing the 3 easy steps with you today!

Here’s how to build a kids’ wardrobe.

1. Get Inspired.

Before deciding anything, I love to go to Pinterest for wardrobe inspiration. I even have specific boards where I keep ideas for baby girl clothes and little boy clothes.  I’d love to have you follow me!

I’ve recently been pinning fall and winter clothes. After I have a good amount of ideas, I look for similarities in the pins.

  • What color pants did I pin?
  • Did I pin t-shirts or button up shirts?
  • What patterns did I pin?
  • What kind of shoes are repeated?

Then I move on to the next step….

2. Make a List.

Using your inspiration create a list of clothes and staple pieces, and also keep the following in mind:

  • Are their any special holidays or celebrations?
  • How often does my child change outfits each day?
  • How often do I do laundry?
  • What is the weather going to be like this season?
  • Social settings: church, school, play, ect.

Answering those specific questions will determine what kind and how many articles of clothing you need, but you can refer to my lists for a general idea.

Before each season, I make a list in the notes app on my phone. That way they are easy to keep track of and I can easily check off whatever I get. Below are pictures of the current lists in my phone. As you can see, I’ve got most of Baby girl’s clothes done, and I’m just getting started on my son’s.

Build children's wardrobes with a simple list.

Make a list of kid's wardrobes when shopping.

Having a list is the BEST thing you can do when getting your kid’s wardrobe together! It does a couple of things:

ONE) You can create a wardrobe that mixes and matches.

When you plan their wardrobe, you can add pieces and colors that you know will go together easily. This creates more outfit options and makes it easier to get your kids dressed in the morning.

Now that my son is four, he will often dress himself. Most of the time his outfit matches because I only buy neutral shorts and pants that are solid colored. That means he can pair them up with just about any shirt.

His wardrobe also includes no black. I stick with navy, blue, and gray as his neutral pieces and then purchase shirts and shoes that pair well with those colors. Most everything goes together because I planned it that way with my list!

TWO) Having a list simplifies shopping. It can be overwhelming walking into a store with SO many clothes options and not knowing what to get. A list narrows the options down.

If you have grey jeans on your list, then you look for grey jeans and don’t even look at the other pant options (unless they are on your list). It also eliminates having to make decisions in the store. Because you know you want grey jeans, you don’t have to go back and forth trying to decide to purchase them or not.

3. Shop!

I prefer to gather ideas and make my list about a month before I want to shop. Then I usually shop for my kid’s entire wardrobes over the span of about 2 weeks prior to the new season.

I know some people who are constantly shopping, checking out the clearance racks, and bringing home random articles of clothing for their kids because it was on sale or cute.

But I found that when I tried to shop that way, I was bringing home random clothes that didn’t go together. The dresser and closet were full of clothes, but none of it made a complete wardrobe that was easy to create outfits.

Shopping clearance also meant that I was picking up clothes I hoped would fit my son next year. But the problem with that is kids grow so stinking’ fast!

When my son was 2 years old he literally went up TWO sizes in a matter of months! All of the clothes I had purchased for him were too small, and I had to buy him a whole new wardrobe.

Most of my kids’ clothes come from second hand shops. My favorite is Once Upon a Child because it is close by, but there are so many kid’s consignment stores out there. In the next post of this series I’ll share my tips for shopping consignment stores.

I also like to purchase clothes online from Walmart. I love their Garanimals line*! It is made to mix and match and has some trendy designs too.

Target is another store I purchase online from. Their Cat and Jack line* is my favorite! The clothes are affordable and fashionable styles that mix and match.

This 3 step process has simplified the way I get my kids’ wardrobes put together each season. Plus it saves money and time. Win-Win!!!

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Find out how to build a simple kid's wardrobe with these 3 steps. Yep, it only takes 3 steps to create a wardrobe that works for your children. #kids #mom #clothes #simple

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