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Is Grove Collaborative Right for You? – Grove Collaborative Review

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Is Grove Collaborative for you? The following post is my completely honest Grove Collaborative review to help you figure out if Grove is worth it.  Is Grove Collaborative right for you? Read this Grove Collaborative review to see if it is worth it. #grove #review #clothing If you follow anyone online, you have undoubtedly heard about Grove Collaborative. Especially during the fall and holidays, you will hear even more about all of the deals and “free” offers. (None of it is completely free. You do have to have a minimum purchase of $20 and be a new customer.) All of this hype about Grove Collaborative may leave you wondering if Grove is really worth it.  I had the same question last year, and finally decided to give it a try last fall. I made my first $20 purchase and received a free set of Mrs. Myers dish soap, hand soap, and multipurpose spray along with an apron and glass squirt bottle all free! I loved it so much that I decided to purchase Grove’s VIP membership for a year. The member ships costs $19.99 which waives the shipping fee on all orders with a minimum of $15. There are other perks to being a VIP member like gifts when you spend $50 on one order and a personal Grove member who helps you out. Let me be super honest with you (as always)….. My membership was up for renewal in January and I decided not to renew it. At that time in my life, it wasn’t for me, but I do plan to purchase their VIP membership again some time this summer. I am glad, that I gave Grove a try because there were things that I did enjoy about Grove Collaborative and want to share in this review.  It was definitely worth trying, and I really enjoyed those bonus gifts for signing up last year! So since I’ve experienced Grove for a year, I thought I would answer the question,


Personally, I think it depends…. Is GROVE COLLABORATIVE right for you? Here's an honest review of Grove Collaborative. #grove #review #cleaning


1. You like using healthy cleaning and beauty products.

Grove’s mission is to help you find healthy home essentials easily. Their standard is to only sell products that are non-toxic, cruelty free, and plant based formulas. They sell products such as:
  • Mrs. Meyers
  • Seventh Generation
  • Method
  • Yes to
  • Dr. Bonner’s
  • Honest
  •  And More!
When I became a mom, I realized the danger of using so many chemicals in my cleaning products. I switched over to using more natural products like vinegar and borax. I also made my own laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent. I still use vinegar for many of my household cleaning, but Grove has been a nice fill in for other cleaning products that are hard to find at stores. Products like Bonami, wool dryer balls, Mrs. Meyer’s room freshener, and Method daily shower cleaner. Grove carries a wide assortment of these brands that you to find in the store, especially during the holidays! Grove also sells some personal care items. I tried some that personally, I don’t like. They just don’t seem that effective and I even had a reaction to some facial wipes. So, I’ve found that for me, personally, I’ll stick to the drugstore skin products that are fragrance and dye free. However, if you like to use Yes to, Acure, and Alba personal care products, Grove offers more of a variety than you may find in stores.

2. You like getting things shipped to you.

Let’s be SUPER honest here, getting things mailed to your front door is one of life’s greatest joys. Right!? The Grove Collaborative team does a careful joy packing up each order and securing the liquid products so that there aren’t any leaks. I’ve always been very happy with how my packages have arrived. It’s also pretty nice to not have to worry about adding cleaning products to my grocery list. And you can even get diapers, wipes, personal care products, or their new line of paper products (that are tree free)! Grove Collaborative product Review

3. You enjoy free bonuses!

Like I said earlier, I purchased Grove for the first time when they were running the holiday sale. I got a ton of free stuff! Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning set, super nice apron, and a glass spray bottle that I use multiple times a day. If you purchase their VIP membership, ($19.99 a year) you get free shipping each month with a minimum of $15 purchase. They also have free items each month when you make a purchase of $59. Now, those free items are usually small things like multiple purpose wipes or sponges. I have never ordered $59 worth of items from Grove. That just seems like SO much to spend on cleaning products. However, if you order cleaning products, toilet paper, diapers, vitamins, and facial cleanser, I can totally see how you could spend that much in one order.

4. Customer service matters to you.

Every month, when my order was about to be shipped I get an email from a real person. Her name is Jamie. 🙂 She reminded me that my order was about to be shipped, and I have the option of canceling the order for the month or making changes to my order. Personally, I think Grove does a great job taking care of their customers. I’ve never had an issue. When I cancelled my membership, I was even a little sad because they are just so nice. Even while I cancelled my membership, they were super polite about it and didn’t pressure me at all.

The Best Products from Grove:

These are the items I personally love to purchase through Grove.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Products – hand soap, room freshener, multipurpose spray
  • Wool Dryer Balls
  • Reusable plastic bags
  • Rubber Cleaning Gloves
  • Glass spray bottle with silicone sleeve
  • Bonami
Is GROVE COLLABORATIVE right for you? Here's an honest review of Grove Collaborative. #grove #review #cleaning


1. You want your items right away.

Grove only ships orders at scheduled times. You can choose whether you want your shipment every 2 weeks, once a month, or every other month. They are flexible. However shipping usually takes about a week. I’m sure the shipping time depends on where you live. If you are close to them, you might get it sooner. Let, me tell ya. I LOVE Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping service and have gotten a little spoiled by it. So, if you are the same way and can’t stand waiting for you dish soap or toilet paper, you may not want to use Grove.

2. You want the best deal without any hassle.

One of Grove’s claims is that they are affordable and that you pay less through them than you would at the store. They even have a percentage that you save next to the price of their items. Honestly, I don’t think that their prices are the best. They are affordable and well priced, but if you are willing to watch the sales at your local stores, you will probably get those items cheaper. I recently purchased a Mrs. Meyers hand soap at Target for $3.99 (regular price). Then I checked the price for the same soap on Grove. It was $3.89. Only a ten cent difference! Target will run sales on that soap every once in awhile for $2.50. So Grove is not the best deal. However, Grove does offer price matching. According to their website, you have to add the item to your cart and email them a link to the lower price. If you are willing to watch the store’s sales, you could get a better price on some of the items that Grove offers. Also, since I use vinegar to clean  so much, I actually save a ton of money on cleaning products. I know several people who use essential oils for cleaning which is considerably less money than the cleaning products at Grove. Is Grove Collaborative worth it

3. You want all natural, super clean products.

Grove Collaborative says, “All of our products are all-natural, cruelty free, and safe for your family and the environment.” Let me be very clear here. I’m not an expert when it comes to health products and all natural ingredients. So I think it is very important to do your research. But just reading the labels on some of the products that Grove sells, you can tell that there are added fragrances to some of  the products. Now, I’m a sucker for good smelling products and so is my family. My husband only likes the Mrs. Meyer’s hand soaps! But I’m also careful about the fragrances that I bring in my home and use on my skin and my kid’s skin. TRUE STORY: One day my son got a hold of the Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose spray and room freshener because I had set them down while cleaning. (Lesson learned!) Anyway, he sprayed them right in my face and I had absolutely no reaction! I was so thankful that I had chosen to change up my cleaning products. I can’t imagine having Clorox all purpose cleaner sprayed in my eyes and mouth! These safe kinds of cleaners are hard to find at stores, but I love that Grove makes them easily available.  However, when I purchase lotion and wipes, I always buy the ones that are unscented and dye free. That is very important to me. I can purchase those personal items at Walmart or Target easily and much cheaper than through Grove.

4. You don’t check emails or texts regularly.

Grove is a reoccurring shipment service. Grove automatically fills your cart with things that you have purchased before and things they think you will enjoy. If you don’t log in and make changes, you will be shipped and billed for those items! So it is definitely not something to set and forget. They email and/or text you before your next shipment and give you plenty of warning, but if you forget to make changes, you are out of luck. They are pretty flexible and allow you to skip shipments or change the frequency easily.

The Worst Products from Grove:

I tried each of these and will never purchase them again.
  • walnut scrubbers (I’m sticking with Scotchbrite sponges)
  • Yes to Cucumbers make up remover wipes (made my eyes burn)
  • Aunt Fannie’s vinegar wipes (super strong odor)
  • Yes to Carrots facial cleanser (didn’t clean well)

Bottom Line: Is Grove worth it?

I hope this Grove Collaborative Review has been helpful and given you some good insight as to whether or not it is worth it for you. If it sounds at all interesting to you, I say, try it out for the first 60 days (free) and GET YOUR FREE GOODIES for sure! Then decide if you want the VIP membership. It is definitely worth trying, especially if you are careful to use non toxic household products in your home and around your family. Grove makes shopping for these items much easier and more available. However, if you aren’t into subscription services, it may not be a good fit for you. Stop feeling overwhelmed at home. Get ahead on the housework with the Motivated Homemaker Checklist!

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