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How to Deal with Too Many Toys

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With all the holidays, birthdays, gifts, school, church – toys come from all places and people from grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends. It can feel like there are just too many toys coming into your home.

Let me say, we don’t tell our family and friends not to get our kids toys. We give our kids toys as well. Because toys are part of childhood. They enjoy getting toys, and it’s a lot of fun. 


Christmas time and birthdays can feel overwhelming because of all the toys that your children receive. 

You may be wondering,

“How am I supposed to tame toy overload?”

Here are key things you can do to deal with too many toys!

Go Through Toys Before Christmas or Birthdays

Make room for the new toys that will be coming your kid’s way. Depending on how old your child is he or she can be part of the process.

My 4 1/2 year old son is able to comprehend what we are doing, so he helps me go through his toys. However, my 15 month old daughter has no clue. 🙂 

We divide toys into the following categories:

  • throw away broken toys
  • keep favorite toys
  • donate or sell toys that aren’t played with on a regular basis
  • throw away (broken toys)

My four year old is actually pretty good at going through his toys. He knows which toys he plays with often. I don’t make a big deal about the amount that he chooses to keep, rest, or donate. 

That way he doesn’t view it as a painful process of giving his toys away. He gets to feel empowered. 

Encourage gratitude.

Your home may look like a toy explosive went off on Christmas or birthdays! Kids get so excited and often want to rush through opening every single gift and take them for granted.

Here are a few ways that you can encourage gratitude toys. 

  • Encourage your kids to say “thank you” after each gift they are given.
  • After the gifts have been opened, you may want to encourage your child to choose one toy at a time to play with.
  • Put some toys up in a closet shelf for awhile, so that kids can focus on one toy at a time and really enjoy playing with it!
  • Talk about thankfulness and encourage them to say what they are thankful for.

Find a Place for Every Single Toy

Your kids will never put the toys away if they don’t know where the toys belong. If your kids’ rooms always seem messy and they have a hard time picking up their toys, it may mean the toys don’t have a specific place to go.

Once you have decluttered the extra toys that aren’t needed or played with, you will probably have enough room to store the toys are are played with.

We keep toy storage super simple!

This 9 cube storage shelf is from Amazon and the bins are from Dollar Tree.

I’m not super rigid about putting the toys in the “right” bins. As long as the toys get put in a bin or on the shelf, I’m happy!

My kids are also happy because their rooms are cleaned and pick up wasn’t difficult.

If you implement these key strategies, you will find that your children will enjoy their toys even more and actually play with them longer! 

All the new toys at holidays and birthdays isn’t just overwhelming for you as a parent, it is overload for kids too. Help them navigate too many toys by limiting the overwhelm, teaching them gratitude, and helping them clean up. 

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  1. Great advice! I’ve been purging, donating and selling all the toys we’ve outgrown to prepare for Christmas. I also rearranged our playroom to make better use of our space.

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