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Cleaning List for Kitchen – Free PDF

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Your kitchen may be the place in your home that is used the most often, and that means it needs some special cleaning treatment.

In order to stay on top of it all, it’s super helpful to use a kitchen cleaning checklist and schedule. That way your mind doesn’t have to use extra brain power to remember all of the cleaning tasks.

I’ve found it simple to break the cleaning chores up into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. There is a handy dandy printable that you can download for free in my Resource Library which is full of all kinds of other helpful printable to help you simplify your home management.

The free resource library is available to anyone who signs up for my email list which is also an incredible resource for women who want motivation and practical tips for taking care of their homes!

Want to see the video? Watch it here, otherwise, keep scrolling to read the checklist. 🙂

So on with the checklist!

Simple Kitchen Cleaning Checklist! 
Keep your home and kitchen clean with this free printable. It includes, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly deep cleaning.

Cleaning List for Kitchen

Daily Cleaning List

  • clear and wipe down counter tops
  • spot clean appliances
  • sweep floor
  • wash dishes and clean sink

Here’s how to keep your kitchen counter tops clutter free!

Weekly Cleaning List

  • wipe down all appliances
  • declutter and wipe down fridge
  • mop floor
  • dust
  • deep clean sink and garbage disposal

Monthly Cleaning List

  • wash area rugs
  • clean garbage cans
  • wipe down cabinets and knobs

Quarterly Cleaning List

  • wipe down top of fridge
  • clean oven and range hood
  • clean behind fridge and oven
  • declutter cabinets
  • declutter and organize pantry

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Don’t forget to get your copy of the kitchen cleaning printable. I know it will be very helpful as you make your home a priority.

That’s why I share how to balance a clean and tidy home here at Queen of the Household.

The end result is always to better serve and love your people!

Making a clean kitchen and clean home a priority is actually a step in making your people a priority. You are able to better serve your family and guests, use the kitchen better, and prepare meals in a clean and clutter free kitchen.


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