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How Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work + All About Walmart Pickup Substitutions!

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What is one thing that you wish you didn’t have to do each week? Is it grocery shopping?

If you are a mom, you probably answered, “YES!”

Grocery shopping can be such a test of patience and endurance especially when you have little ones along.

That is one of the reasons I LOVE Walmart Grocery Pickup. In fact, if you know me in real life, chances are we have had a conversation about it. 🙂

Many times when I talk to other women, they are curious how does Walmart grocery pickup work.

So today, I’m telling you step by step what it is and even showing you pictures.

How does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work?

First, create your grocery list and place your order online.

You can place your order 1 of 2 ways.

One way to do it is to go to Walmart’s website and click on “GROCERY” in the top right corner. It may also be a food symbol.

Click GROCERY to start your Walmart grocery pickup order

“Update* 6/18/20020

Walmart pickup no longer uses a different app. Just use the Walmart app and choose “Shop pickup & delivery” on your phone or tablet. Using the app is my personal favorite way to order and is convenient when picking up your groceries as well.

Next, create a Walmart Grocery account if you don’t have one already.

You can also do this at the end before submitting your order.

After that, you’ll want to pick your location and reserve your pickup time.

You can do this at the end right before you submit your oder too, but I prefer to do this before “shopping” because that way I know my store and location are available.

However, it really doesn’t matter when you do this.

The time slots are one hour. You can pickup your order any time within the hour time slot.

Although, I have arrived a few minutes late before, and there wasn’t a problem.

Pick a store and time slot to pick up groceries
Pick a store and time slot to pick up groceries

Once your order is complete, you’ll be given the opportunity to allow or not allow for substitutions.

I go into a lot more detail later in this post. Just scroll down to the heading that says, “Here’s How Walmart Grocery Substituions Work”.

However, the main gist is this: If Walmart is out of a certain product that you ordered, they will substitute it with something similar and not charge you the difference.

If you don’t want something to be substituted, just uncheck the circle next to the item.

Uncheck to not allow grocery substitutes

At the check out page, you’ll also be given the chance to add a coupon code.

You can use my referral link to get $10 off your first order of $50!

The cool thing is, you can get your own referral code to share with other first time users, and you both get $10 off your next order.

It totally works! I’ve saved $$$ on groceries this way!

There is a referral limit of 10 a year which I surpassed. But it sure was nice to use it while it lasted!

Add a coupon code to get $10 off your Walmart grocery pickup

After your order is submitted, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. In the email it will let you know how long you have to make changes to your order.


You’ll receive an email letting you know your order is ready to pickup and it will share any substitutions or items that are not available.

You can also opt in to receive a text when the order is complete. My personal favorite!

When you leave to get your pickup order, simply open up the app and click the blue check in button.

You’ll also be asked to share your car color.

Grocery pickup parking spot

Finally, you’ll park in one of the designated grocery pickup parking spaces and open up your app one more time to let Walmart know you have arrived. If you don’t have the app, you just need to call the number on the sign and let them know you are there.

In about 3 minutes, your groceries will arrive! (Although I have waited up to 20 minutes before. This has only happened a couple of times, but is still better than going into the store!)

A Walmart associate will inform you of any substitutions or unavailable items, and ask you to sign their tablet saying you received your groceries.

You don’t have to take the substitutions, if you don’t want them.

Then, they will load your car up any way you ask. They’ll hand you your bread, eggs, or other fragile items to put up front.

And then you’ll be on your merry little way!

It is seriously the best!

Even my 5 year old loves when I tell him we are picking up our groceries instead of going in the store.

If you haven’t given Walmart Grocery Pickup a try, now is the time to do it.

Use my referral link to get $10 off your first $50 order.

A couple of things to remember…

  1. There is a $35 minimum order.
  2. You cannot use coupons, but are now able to use EBT.
  3. The employees are not allowed to take tips.
  4. Your oder will need to be placed a few hours before your pickup time.

You can read about the pros and cons to Walmart Grocery Pickup in my review.

How Walmart Grocery Substitutions Work:

If they are out of a certain product that you ordered, they will substitute it with something similar but better and not charge you the difference.

For example, I once ordered a 4 pack of pudding. They were out, so they substituted a 6 pack.

Another time I had ordered the Great Value brand whole wheat bread. They were out, so they substituted Sara Lee whole wheat bread.

If I had been shopping in the store, they would have been out of those items and I would not have gotten them or I’d have had to get the “better” item and pay the difference. So that is why I say this could be a pro.

Before your car is loaded, you are informed if there were any substitutions. You can always decline the substitutions that are chosen for you.

Also, when you place your order, you can uncheck any item that you don’t want substituted.

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