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Create your BEST Mom Morning Routine!

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If you want to have an intentional day, it starts with following a mom morning routine.

When you create yours, remember it is specific to you! There are a ton of example mom morning routines available all over the internet, but that doesn’t mean you should be following them.

Your family, schedule, and priorities are unique to you. So if you are a mom trying to figure out the best way to set up your morning for success, make sure it is designed for YOU and no one else.

Also, remember you are a mom.

That means you have little one(s) who need flexibility!

Your morning routine shouldn’t be so rigid that it is hard to follow or you get stressed out when something unexpected comes up.

Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom, you need a morning routine. Here's morning routine checklist that you can use with kids. Plus a free printable! #mom #morning #routine #printable

When routines are done effectively, they make life easier not more difficult. They allow you the freedom to do those extra things that you want and be spontaneous.


Routines put every day tasks on autopilot and get them done and out of the way.

Then you don’t have to be burdened with an unclean house or piles and piles of laundry.

I also love following a morning routine as a mom because it makes sure that I practice self care. It’s so easy to take care of every one else in the morning, and skip yourself.

But you can’t do that forever. Eventually, you will wear out. So prevent that and get intentional with your self care.

I hope I have talked you into why you need to be intentional with your morning routine especially as a mom!

Now, let’s figure out how to get productive with your mornings!


Mom Morning Routine

First, decide what time you need to be done.

What time do you need to leave the house to get to work or drop the kids off at work?

If you are a homeschool mom, pick a start time for your kid’s school.

If you are a stay at home mom and don’t have a specific time that you need to leave the house, pick a good time that you would like to finish your morning routine and move on with your day.

This is really helpful for days when you have morning appointments, meet a friend, or run errands. You and your kids will naturally be ready at that time because you all are used to getting ready each morning. This will save you a lot of stress on those days when you have to get out of the house!

Next, make a list of all the things you need to get done each morning.

Here are some examples things you may add to your list.

  • Kids dressed
  • Kids hair styled
  • Kids fed
  • Kids brush teeth
  • Lunches made (could be done the night before)
  • Backpacks, shoes, jackets on

And don’t forget yourself, Mom!

  • Shower
  • Dressed
  • Makeup
  • Hair Styled
  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink coffee
  • Journal
  • Bible reading and prayer
  • Exercise

Third, think about how much time each of those tasks takes and work your way backwards.

For example, if you need to be out the door at 7:30 and it takes 10 minutes to get shoes, jackets, and backpacks on and load up the car, that’s 7:20.

Let’s say it takes 20 minutes to get the kids dressed, teeth brushed, and hair styled. That’s 7:00.

Then it takes 15 minutes to eat breakfast. That’s 6:45.

BUT — don’t stop there! As a mom you MUST take into account the final step!

Finally, add cushion time to each morning routine task.

Okay, so you know that with kids someone’s going to have a meltdown! A shoe is going to disappear. Someone will have to go poop as soon as everyone is already loaded in the car. Or a glass or milk will fall and break.

It happens. It’s life with kids.

Expect these things to happen by cushioning your time. If you only allow enough time for each tasks and not interruptions, you’ll run late, and end up rushing.

And you know, as a mom, that when kids are rushed, it only makes everyone feel on edge and grumpy!

So let’s go back to the example from earlier. You need to be out the door by 7:30 and all your tasks added up mean you need to get the kids up at 6:45, but let’s add some cushion. Get them up at 6:20 or 6:30 instead.

It will make your life and their’s much easier!

Then it’s time to figure out when you, the mom, are going to start your morning routine.

Follow the same steps.

If it takes you 30 minutes to shower, dress, and do your hair and makeup, you’ll need to get up at 6:00. But if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee and some journaling time for 15 minutes, you’ll need to wake up at 5:45.

And while I’m taking about getting up at 5:45 which just seems like way too early, I want to encourage you to set a bedtime for your self too!

Mom needs her sleep. That is one self care habit that doesn’t require any money, but it certainly requires you to be intentional about going to bed at a decent time.

If you have trouble waking up before your kids in the morning, there are some things you can do to help. Hop on over and read some great tips.

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Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom, you need a morning routine. Here's morning routine checklist that you can use with kids. Plus a free printable! #mom #morning #routine #printable

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