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How to Clean the House Faster in 6 Simple Steps!

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One of the side effects to simplifying my life was that I learned how to clean the house faster. Which means I have more time to do what I really want to do!

If you feel like you are spending way too much time cleaning, this post will give you all the cleaning how to you need!

So without further ado, let’s clean your house faster!

I’ve divided this post into two sections. The first is things you can do right now to make cleaning faster. The second is things you can do on a regular basis to save time cleaning your house from here on out.

How to clean the house faster with these tips. You can quickly clean the house when you are intentional with your routines. #clean #fast #house

How to Clean the House Faster

1. Avoid distractions while cleaning.

When cleaning was taking me hours a day, I had gotten into the habit of watching YouTube videos while I cleaned to help pass the time. I found that I often stopped mid task to watch the video or comment on the video and find a new one to watch.

It was a huge distraction and costing me a ton of time! I stopped watching videos while I clean and now listen to a podcast. No more time wasted.

What is distracting you while you clean that could be deterring you from cleaning your house faster? Really think through your habits, and get laser focused on the cleaning task at hand.

2. Use multipurpose cleaning products.

When you use multipurpose cleaning solutions, you don’t have to switch out bottles so much. One of my favorites is the Mrs. Meyer’s multi surface spray from Grove Collaborative. No matter what scent you use, it makes your house smell good.

I also use a vinegar and water cleaning solution. It doesn’t smell as nice as the Mrs. Meyer’s sent, but it gets the job done. 🙂

Another cleaning product I love are my microfiber e-cloths*. These cloths can be used to clean just about any surface besides the toilet bowl and all you need is water.

Clean your house fast with these tips. You can quickly clean the house when you are intentional with your routines. #clean #fast #house

No chemicals needed. Seriously!

They make cleaning easier and faster.

I also use a dry microfiber cloth for dusting. It works on any surface, so I can easily go between electronics and wood and ceramics.

Even my mop is a microfiber mop from Microfiber Wholesale*. All I do is dampen the microfiber cloth and mop away! It’s super easy. No wringing or squeezing.

I use it on my laminate floors and tile.

Clean your house fast with these tips. You can quickly clean the house when you are intentional with your routines. #clean #fast #house

3. Stop aiming for a perfectly clean house.

This one thing has saved me HOURS of cleaning a week! Perfection is never attainable. This is especially true when it comes to having a clean house with kids.

Instead I often clean so that it is “good enough”. These means I do my best, but I don’t stress over making sure I clean perfectly when I don’t really need to.

Here’s how settling for good enough helps me clean fast:

  • I used to move all the furniture when I swept and mopped.  —> Now I do a quick sweep and mop and get most of the spots on the floor.
  • I used to use a toothbrush to clean the nooks and crannies around the toilet lid. —> Now I just wipe it down with a rag and disinfectant.
  • I used to move everything off the shelves to dust. —> Now I just dust around items or pick them up, give them a little wipe, and set them back on the shelf right away.
  • I used to fold every little piece of clothing.  —> Now I just throw underwear in drawer bins, have all matching socks so that I don’t have to mate them, and stack the baby clothes out flat in the drawer.

Life happens at home.

Kids play, learn, and love in your home, and that means that messes happen. Perfection can never be reached because that’s life. Do the best you can, but realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Read this post about how perfection may actually be holding you back.

Clean your house fast with these tips. You can quickly clean the house when you are intentional with your routines. #clean #fast #house

4. Follow daily clean house routines

Cleaning routines make sure you get little messes cleaned up each day and avoid huge messes at the end of the week or month.

When you follow daily and weekly routines, you maintain a clean home. For instance, it only takes a few minutes a day to wash the dishes from the day. But if you wait until a few days later, you’ll have 3 times that amount of dishes to do!

Each day I follow morning and evening routines which allow me to do get a load of laundry done, dishes washed, the kitchen cleaned, and clutter put away.

By doing a little each day, my house doesn’t get out of hand and I don’t have to deal with huge messes that have piled up throughout the week.

I also follow a very flexible weekly cleaning schedule. I don’t stick to a specific chore on a specific day. Instead I have a list of all my weekly cleaning tasks and assign a chore to two or three days in my planner.

I also have a monthly, quarterly, and yearly list of tasks that I keep track of with my Simple Whole House Cleaning Checklist.

I love having a master list to refer to. That way I don’t forget something, and I can easily add it to my planner.

Each day as I go over my plan for the day, I see what my chore for the day is and spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes getting it done.

5. Get rid of clutter.

Have you ever put off dusting or vacuuming because there was just so much stuff everywhere?

Then when you finally get to clean, you have to move the layer of clutter before you can actually clean. It’s really exasperating!

For instance, if you want to wipe down your kitchen counter tops, that means they have to be cleared off.

  • Mail should be dealt with right away, not stacked up in a pile.
  • Backpacks and work bags should be hung up.
  • Dirty dishes need to be put in the dishwasher or washed.
  • If you want to vacuum or sweep the floors, toys should be picked up.
  • Clothes should be placed in the hamper or put away in the dresser.

You can clear the clutter in your home by 1) having less stuff. I talked about preventing clutter here.

and 2) keeping daily tidying habits. I shared my 4 daily habits for a tidy home here.

When I think about the amount of time I dedicate to cleaning now compared to a couple of years ago, it is hard to believe how much LESS it is!

I used to spend at least an hour sometimes more cleaning my house. Now, I don’t spend more than 20 minutes a few days a week!

That may sound too good to be true, but let me tell you – IT ISN’T!

I’m living proof.

I work from home, homeschool my 2 kids, and still mange to keep our home clean. You can too!

If you are having trouble balancing your home responsibilities and self care, get your free copy of The Balanced Mom Checklist.Keep your house clean. Get dinner on the table. AND take care of yourself, Mom! Get your free copy today and find balance.

6. Clean certain areas of your house less often.

If there are places in your home that you simply clean out of habit, even though they aren’t that dirty, stop cleaning them so often!

There are 2 household chores that I despise: dusting and scrubbing the shower.

I had already cut back my dusting to every other week. But I also started dusting the mini blinds once a month.

I also now only scrub the shower every other week. I was afraid the tub would get too dirty, but it really doesn’t. In between weeks, I will quickly run a rag with some vinegar solution over the tub to pick up any hair or dirt.

This has saved me SO much time.

What is one thing that you could clean less often?

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