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How to Have a Simple Christmas: 2 Tips!

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Six years ago, I had the very best Christmas ever up until that point in my life. It was also the most simple Christmas I ever had.  

I was just getting over extreme morning sickness. In fact, Thanksgiving was the first real meal I had eaten in over 2 months! 

Going into the Christmas season, I knew that I couldn’t do all the things I normally did. 

So I gave myself permission to cut back and simplify. Instead of packing the Christmas season full of to-do lists and activities, I got intentional with what I gave my time and energy to.  

And you know what?!  

It was the BEST Christmas I ever had! 

Instead of running around like a crazy person, I relaxed. I slowed down and savored the Christmas season. 

Now that I am a mom, there is SO much pressure to do MORE.

But all of that pressure is making us all go a little crazy. We get so caught up in all there is to do, that we don’t actually enjoy the season.

How to Have a Simple Christmas

Have a simple Christmas holiday with these 2 tips. You will have a more meaningful and enjoyable season when you simplify.  #simple #Christmas

Make a NOT DOING List this Christmas. 

The year I simplified was the first year I created a “Not Doing List”. 

My Not Doing List was me intentionally thinking through my Christmas season and deciding what was most important and what wasn’t. 

Here are the things I chose NOT to do:

  • write a Christmas letter
  • decorate the whole house (I only decorated the main living areas)
  • give homemade gifts
  • go to all the parties
  • get a real tree 

I encourage you to make a not doing list this season too. It will help you focus on intentional activities to give your time to this season. You are deciding what is worth investing in and what isn’t.

Sit down and talk to your spouse and kids about your list. I created a free printable to help you walk through the process and make your own list. 

You can download it on this post – Christmas Planning: What NOT to Do.

Let go of the high expectations you put on yourself and enjoy the season doing the things that you really want to do! 

Plan Ahead for What You Will Do.

For all the things you DO want to enjoy this holiday, you’ve got to plan ahead.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed at the last minute, think ahead about things you can do now. Then spread out the activities and tasks throughout the holiday season.

If you are planning on sending Christmas cards, set a date in the calendar to get this done as early as possible.

Before you decorate, think through specific places in your home that you want to decorate. Don’t just pull everything out and try to find a place to put it all. Decided on a few key places like the mantle, front door, staircase.

Think through the food you will be making whether for Christmas dinner, parties, gifts, or baked goods. Make a plan so you don’t feel like you have to go crazy making a bunch of complicated recipes and running to the store multiple times.

I’ve created a Christmas Planner for you to get organized and savor the season. 

It’s hard to remember all of the things during the busy Christmas season, unless you have it all written down and organized. 

The Christmas planner organizes all the random things on your to-do list, so you can easily see what needs to be done next. 

Get your copy today and enjoy Christmas! 

How to have a simple Christmas with these 2 tips. You will have a more meaningful and enjoyable season when you simplify.  #simple #Christmas

Sharing is caring!