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“Why am I So Unmotivated?” 3 Simple Reasons and What to do About It.

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If you are feeling unmotivated, there is a reason.

You aren’t lazy!

There is a mental block that is hindering your motivation.

Motivation is a complex topic. I mean, I created an entire course dedicated to teaching you how to be a motivated homemaker! However, motivation can be boiled down to a few things.

Before I get into those reasons, let me share a personal story with you…

Over the summer I climbed a rock wall. It’s something this out of shape 36 year old woman hasn’t done in at least 15 years!

When I saw some of the other people climb to the top of the wall, I thought, “Easy-peasy! Piece of cake! I can do it too.”

I quickly learned that it was harder than it appears.

Does homemaking ever feel that way to you? How about motherhood in general?

Why does it seem to come so easily to other women? How do they do it so effortlessly?

It may be that they have discovered the secret to motivating themselves when they feel unmotivated.

You see, while I was climbing that rock wall, there were two distinct times I was totally unmotivated.

I thought to myself, “Nope, I’m done!” BUT –> I kept going.

I was motivated by three things:

  1. Taking one small step at a time instead of the entire wall.
  2. There were people cheering me on and telling me I could do it.
  3. Mentally believing in myself.

When it comes to motivation, those are three very important aspects.

Let’s dive deep into what they mean and how you can practically apply it.

“Why am I So Unmotivated?”

If you are asking yourself why am I so unmotivated, it's not because you are lazy. Here are 3 tips about motivation that you can put into practice right away. #motivation #tips #athome

1. Make one simple change at a time.

When you are making changes in your home and life, it’s easy to go all in and try to tackle it all at once. The problem is that leads to overwhelm and no motivation.

Let’s say you want to declutter your entire home in one weekend, but as soon as you get started, it feels overwhelming and you aren’t motivated.

Instead start with one cupboard or one room. Here is a free declutter challenge I put together for you on Facebook.

Maybe another area you feel overwhelmed is you deciding to make food from scratch. But after a week of making complicated, homemade meals every night, you ordered pizza and vowed to never make anything from scratch again!

It was overwhelming.

Well, instead of making EVERYTHING from scratch cold turkey. Start with one thing. Pick one store bought item to make from scratch this week, and then slowly add more recipes as you gain more confidence.

This is exactly what I did while trying to save my family money at the grocery store!

Continue to add new skills and habits when you can.

Little changes added up to big changes over time.

As I was climbing that rock wall, I become discouraged when I looked at the top. But if I kept my mind on ONLY finding the next rock, I made lots of progress.

2. Surround yourself with motivating people.

Take a look at the people closest to you.

Are they motivating you or discouraging you?

You may not even realize it, but the people who you allow to influence you and speak into your life, are sending you messages and helping create your view of self.

If the people closest to you down play your accomplishments or don’t get excited for you, they are detrimental to your motivation. Really think through the way people speak to you and their reactions.

I went through a period of my life where I was surrounded by very toxic people. I never measured up to their standards and they were not happy for me when I succeeded.

At the time I thought the problem was me. They worded things in a way that always made me feel like I was in the wrong. I thought they knew better than me.

Hearing their voices over and over again kept me stuck. I was unmotivated to move forward in so many ways because I didn’t believe in myself.

BUT…. I love to read and listen to podcasts. So I started filling my mind with positive people through books and podcasts and limited time with these people. My husband and I also got into a healthy church where I was able to learn about the truth of God’s unconditional love.

I heard that God wants more from me than to just live a medicore life where I just go through the motions and don’t live up to my full potential.

  • So who are you listening to?
  • How do you feel after you get done talking to them?
  • Do you feel motivated and excited about life?
  • Or do they suck the life out of you and cause you to feel even more unmotivated?

Limit your time with these people as much as possible. Start setting boundaries with them. If that sounds intimidating to you, I highly recommend the book Boundaries. When to Say Yes. How to Say No. Take Control of Your Life.

I personally loved the audible version because it’s pretty long.

3. Recognize your negative thoughts and change them.

While I was climbing that rock wall, it wasn’t just my body that was doing the work. It was my mind.

There were a couple of times where I caught myself saying negative things to myself. But those thoughts weren’t motivating. They were discouraging instead.

However, I was very aware of the words I told myself. As soon as a negative, unmotivating thought came to my mind, I quickly analyzed it.

  • Was it true?
  • Was it helping me?

I encourage you to analyze your thoughts too.

No on talks to you more than yourself.

You may not audible speak to yourself, but you hear your voice all the time as you play things over and over in your head.

If you are unmotivated, become more aware of the things you are telling yourself about yourself. Often you allow thoughts in your mind without really being aware. You simply let your mind meditate on thoughts that aren’t helpful.

During the next few days, really think about the words you are playing over and over in your head. If those thoughts are not moving you forward — CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.

The things that other people say to you have a huge impact on you as well. You probably remember negative, discouraging words from a teacher, parent, or friend from years ago because it is played over and over in your head.

Let me give you an empowering truth.

You get to decide what you will meditate on! Choose well.

That’s why the people you surround yourself with are so very important. If you don’t have positive people in your life, read books, listen to positive podcasts, and find new friends.

Motivation happens a little at a time by making one change today and another change tomorrow or next week.

There are different seasons in life when motivating yourself will take extra effort, but when you know the right motivation tools, it’s easier to do.

That’s why I created The Motivated Homemaker. It’s an online course that guides you through all the strategies you need to break down the overwhelming aspects of taking care of your home.

The course teaches you how to replace those negative thoughts that are holding you back.

If you are tired of feeling unmotivated day after day, this course is a must!

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If you are asking yourself why am I so unmotivated, it's not because you are lazy. Here are 3 tips about motivation that you can put into practice right away. #motivation #tips #athome

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