5 Easy Indoor Activities for Kids Besides TV

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While you are waiting for the world to get back to normal, you are probably looking for indoor activities that your kids can do besides watching TV.

I know how easy it is to have some sort of screen going all day long when you are stuck at home. But one important lesson I’ve learned as a stay at home mom is that you have to be intentional about screen time and planning for other activities.

That’s why it’s beneficial to come up with a flexible daily stay at home mom schedule. So start there, but then plan your activities.

You can sign up for the Free Stay at Home Mom Checklist to give you the jumpstart you need to get your day and home in order too.

Here are things you can do easily at home with your kids without a lot of preparation or supplies.

And please don’t feel like you have to do all of these every single day. Pick one or two a day and spread them out over the week.

5 Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Easy Indoor activities for kids - water color painting

Get in the kitchen.

Now is a great time to bake something together. Some favorites would be quick breads, muffins, and cookies.

You could also have a mini cooking lesson. Teach your kids a new skill in the kitchen, of course with your close supervision. It doesn’t have to involve dangerous utensils. It could be as simple as making a sandwich.

Working in the kitchen with young kids can sometimes be a lesson in mom’s patience. Amiright?

My advice is to be very specific with instructions. Let them know ahead of time what you expect of them and how they will help you.

Get crafty.

Not all kids have the same interest in crafts. My 5 year old has just recently been enjoying drawing pictures and actually coloring and painting in the lines!

It felt like it took him forever to really enjoy coloring. When he was younger we did a lot of gluing and I tried not to push him into doing crafts that he wasn’t ready for.

So find crafts that are in line with your kids ages, abilities, and interests. Here are some quick and simple ideas.

Bring the outdoors indoors.

If it is still cold where you live, you probably don’t have the luxury to go outside much. However, you and your kids can still have outdoor fun inside.

Have a scavenger hunt indoors. Write down a list of 10-20 random objects and see how fast your kids can gather all of those items.

Play hide and seek. My kids LOVE when we play hide and seek indoors. Usually my 2 year old gives her hiding spot away, but we giggle and giggle. It’s so much fun.

Have a picnic indoors. Instead of eating at the table, put a sheet or blanket on the living room floor and let the kids eat on it. Bonus points if you pack lunch in a basket!

Make a fort. Just about every day, my kids make a fort with blankets and pillows. It’s a new favorite activity.

Family Time

Do something together as a family.

  • Have a dance party
  • Put on a concert
  • Look through old family pictures
  • Play a game together
  • Read books together

Independent play time.

As you are stuck close together for long periods of time, its inevitable that you all will get on each other’s nerves. I mean, come on. Let’s be honest here!

To help give each other the space that you need, plan for down time where everyone can get time to themselves. At our house, we call it silent play time. My kids are allowed to play in their rooms with anything they want as long as it is silent.

My kids actually want this time, and of course so do I! It gives me a mom break too.

If you find yourself unmotivated to do things throughout the day, be sure to get the Free Stay at Home Mom Checklist. It will give you the jumpstart you need to get your home and day in order.

5 Easy Indoor activities for kids besides tv

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