Stay at Home Mom Tips to Simplify Your Life

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It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I learned how to simplify my life and in turn my motherhood.

Right before Christmas 2013, I was pregnant and just getting over hyperemesis gravedarium. It was my first pregnancy, and I was exhausted from being so sick.

That Christmas I only put up about one-third of my Christmas decorations, and I cut waaaaay back on all of the usual Christmas activities.

Instead of running around completing my to-do list, I crossed things off my list and enjoyed.

Simplify everything that year made it one of my favorites!

Doing less and purchasing less actually made me much happier.

That was my first step in choosing a more simplified life.

Then during my pregnancy, I realized that I LOVED wearing maternity clothes because I had a small wardrobe that easily mixed and matched. It made getting dressed each day super simple.

Little by little I started pursuing a more intentional life of less stuff and simplifying as much as possible.

I slowly transformed from an overwhelming life to a much happier, simplified life. This all came right after I became a mom and I don’t think it was a coincidence at all.

As a mom, you make decisions all day long for not only yourself but for all your little ones. There is a lot to keep up with, but when you simplify specific areas of your life and home there are less decisions to make, less stuff to manage, and less stress.

I believe all moms benefit from choosing simplicity and in turn so does your family.

Stay at home mom tips for simplicity

Stay at home mom tips to simplify your life:

1. Simplify your clothes.

As I said before my maternity wardrobe was my breakthrough in choosing a simplified wardrobe. It consisted of about 15 shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses not including extra pieces like tank tops, jackets, sweaters, and accessories.

Most all of my maternity tops went with almost all of the bottoms. I was able to add variety to an outfit with my accessories and jackets. Corina at Now THAT I Can Do, Mama calls this an Elastic Wardrobe.

I found Corina’s blog a couple of years ago. She shares how to use what you have and also how to purchase clothes items that can be used over and over in different ways.

Here’s how simplify your wardrobe:

  • Figure out which colors look good on you and only look for those colors when shopping.
  • Have a smaller amount of clothes with bold patterns and mostly solid colors. Solids are easier to mix and match.
  • Make sure the majority of your clothes are versatile and can be worn with several other pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Get rid of any clothes you don’t love any more.

Once you simplify your clothes, getting dressed will be so much easier.

2. Simplify your kid’s clothes.

Kid clothes can get out of control really fast with gifts, holidays and events, and kids growing out of sizes.

With my first baby, I was constantly on the lookout for clothes and finding a good deal. During the summer I would purchase clothes on clearance and hope that he could wear them in the winter. I would pick up a random shirt here and a random pair of shorts there.

However, the end result was a bunch of clothes and shoes that didn’t really go together and some of the items he wasn’t even able to wear because 6 months later, he had already out grown out of the size I had purchased.

Kids grow at different rates and it is hard to know what size they will be 6 months from now let alone a year from now!

If you do the same thing, stop the crazy cycle of purchasing random pieces and get intentional with how you shop for your kids clothes.

How to Simplify Kid’s Clothes

  • Come up with a list of specific items your kids will need for the following season.
  • Use your list to pick out their entire wardrobe in a few shopping sessions. Consignment stores and annual sales are really good for saving money and getting a good amount of clothes.

Read this post for the best tips while shopping kids’ consignment.

  • Look for clothes that are easy to mix and match by picking clothes in a similar color palette and limiting bold patterns.

3. Simplify Your Kid’s Toys

Just like kid’s clothes, their toys can quickly get out of hand. I’ll be honest. I don’t feel like we have a perfect system for my kids’ toys. It is a continual process of making it work.

There are days when I feel like there are toys EVERYWHERE! Those are the times that I know something is not working and we need to make changes. You can read more about how I manage toy clutter each day.

Here’s are some quick tips.

  • Only purchase toys for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.
  • When giving toys, purchase fewer, bigger items rather than lots of little things that don’t get played with for long.
  • Rotate toys that are played with and some that are put away.

4. Simplify cleaning.

Having a clean house with kids is not impossible, no matter what you have heard. In fact it is my mission to help moms create simple routines so that the mess doesn’t overwhelm them.

Having a clean house with kids isn’t all that complicated, however it does require consistency. The three daily habits that will make the most difference are:

  • one load of laundry
  • a clean kitchen at night
  • general picking up

Also, remember you shouldn’t do it all. Involve your family as much as possible. I know sometimes it’s easier to just clean up the messes by yourself, but in the long run, you’ll experience burnout if you are the only one.

Teach your kids how to pick up their toys, make beds, throw trash away, clear the table, etc. based on their abilities.

Read this post if you are tired of cleaning up after everyone.

5. Simplify supper time.

One of the hardest questions to answer is, “Mom, what’s for supper?”


Create a master list of meals to rotate.

I have a list of about 20 main dishes that I rotate. That’s enough to last an entire month due to leftovers and going out to eat once a week.

But it doesn’t have to be. You can simplify supper and know exactly what to serve each night by doing two things.

So really, you could come up with a monthly meal plan and reuse it every month.

Serve simple foods.

There are so many complicated recipes on Pinterest and the internet, but that doesn’t mean you have to make them.

Stick to simple marinated meats, roasted vegetables, side salads, cut up fruit, and rolls.

If you love trying new recipes, limit those to only the days when you have the time and energy.

You should also have a short list of go-to meals that are easy to make and keep those ingredients in stock.

These 5 stay at home mom tips will make your life so much easier and enjoyable. You’ll find that you have more time and energy because you won’t have to make as many decisions and there is less stuff to manage.

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Simple Tips for Stay at Home Moms

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