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Daily Homeschool Schedule with Toddler and Kindergartner

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If you find yourself at home with a toddler and kindergartner, you may wonder how you are supposed to organize your day to fit both of their needs.

Plus, you have cleaning, cooking, self care, and all the other things to do as well.

The best thing I’ve learned to do as a stay at home mom is to create a flexible schedule. And I hear from other stay at home moms all the time that tell me creating a daily routine was the best thing they ever did.

So first, I’ll share the daily schedule I use with my kids a 2 year old and a 5 year old who is currently homeschooled in kindergarten.

Then I’ll share how to create your own daily schedule.

Daily Homeschool Schedule for Toddler and Kindergartner

7:00- 8:00


Morning Chores: bed made, teeth brushed, laundry put away, and dressed


The kids play together while I finish cleaning up the kitchen, start a load of laundry, and get last minute school papers ready.

9:00 -11:00

Start Kindergarten with a few breaks throughout the 2 hours and of course, snack time!

Please note, we only follow this on Monday-Wednesday. Thursdays are days when I like to have big learning activities that they can do together.

For example, today the kids watched a couple of videos about the planets and then made planet hats. Then we did a Bible object lesson where we made our own Playdoh.

On Fridays, I often let the kids watch a movie in the mornings or plan an outing.

But here’s what we do when homeschooling.

My toddler joins us whenever possible for things like:

  • songs
  • calendar time
  • Bible lesson
  • read alouds
  • crafts and coloring pages
  • snack time

Some days her attention span is better than other days. If she is really squirrely, I don’t make her sit with us.

When my kindergartner needs my direct attention, my toddler plays independently. Here are some things she does.

  • Looks through books. She has a basket full of books in her room.
  • Plays with her toys indendently.
  • Uses the learning tablet.
  • Plays with Playdoh.
  • Plays with “special” toys that I only bring out during school time.

Here are 9 things to do with your toddler at home.


Play outside if the weather is nice. Sometimes we will even go to the park and play or ride bikes. Otherwise, we play indoors or run errands.


Lunch time and clean up


I try to do something with my kids. Usually we bake, read, or play a game.

1:00 – 2:00

My toddler and kindergartner usually play outside if the weather is nice. During this time, I’ll out the clothes in the dryer, catch up on household chores or phone calls.

Sometimes I’ll join the kids outside at least for a little while.

2:00- 4:00

My toddler takes a nap, my kindergartner has quiet time in his room, and I work from home.

4:00 – 5:00

The kids have a snack. Those are very important!

Then they usually play together. However, some days, I give them something to do at the dining room table like coloring or Playdoh and turn on music.

I hope that example was helpful to see. When you plan out your days, it helps you and your kids be more productive and calm.

Plan YOUR Homeschool Schedule

I do want to point out 2 VERY important things though.

  1. Your schedule should be flexible. The times I shared are not exact and change from day to day based on different circumstances, but generally those are the times we aim for.
  2. Your schedule should reflect your family and your priorities. Use my schedule as an example but not as a standard.

Okay, here’s the steps to creating your own schedule.

Start with the anchors. These are the things that must happen every day at about the same time. Things like meals, bed times, school and work hours.

Write approximate times for each of these anchors.

Next, make a list of all the activities you and your kids should do each day. Things like cleaning and chores, reading, playing, errands, ect.

Fill in the gaps between your anchors with all of these other activities wherever you would like to do them throughout the day.

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Daily Homeschool schedule for toddler and kindergartner

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