How Big Is Your Brave?

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Here in Nebraska, it’s tornado season, so we’ve been talking with our kids more about fear and what to do when they are scared.

Last year, a tornado demolished a local ice cream store just down the road from where we live and it was very scary for my son.

All last season, he would come to our room at night whenever there was a storm because he was so scared. We’ve been talking to him about not letting his fear overcome him.

That’s why I was so excited to get Ruth Soukup’s newest children’s book, How Big Is Your Brave?

Ruth is my online business mentor….well, she doesn’t know it, but she is! I’m a student in her blogging course and I never miss her podcast episodes: Do it Scared.

So when she came out with a children’s book, I knew I wanted to get a copy, but then she offered to send me one! So we have been able to enjoy the book for about a week now.

We have read it multiple times just about every day since it came in the mail!

My kids LOVE the book and the beautiful illustrations.

Whenever we get done reading the book, my 5 year old shows me with his hands spread apart how big his brave is. Some days it is bigger than others. I love that this book has him thinking about that!

Ruth’s book came out just this week, and she has all kinds of helpful resources to go along with it. Find out more here: How Big Is Your Brave?

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