Schedules for Stay at Home Moms

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As a stay at home mom, you know there is no handbook, no boss, and no job description. It feels like there is no structure and while that is nice, because you get to decide what to do, it is also overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed often looks like staying in your pj’s all day, watching Netflix to avoid the laundry and dishes. All while you are wondering how all the other moms on Instagram seems to have it all together but you can’t figure it out.

I know because that was me!

I finally had enough of feeling that way, and started following schedules and routines at home. If you want to feel better as a stay at home, I encourage you to organize your time through creating simple routines.

Routines allow you more freedom because you know certain tasks will get done instead of those tasks being a burden. Instead of wondering when the dishes and laundry will get done, you have a plan.

That plan is your routine or schedule, the habits you create in order to intentionally accomplish things that must get done.

4 Essential Schedules for Stay at Home Moms

1. Morning Schedule

If you want to have a productive day, it starts with following a morning routine. When you create yours, remember it is specific to you!

There are a ton of example morning routines available all over the internet, but that doesn’t mean you should be following them. Your family, schedule, and priorities are unique to you.

Also, remember you have little one(s) who need flexibility! 

Your morning routine shouldn’t be so rigid that it is hard to follow or you get stressed out when something unexpected comes up.

See an example morning routine for mom here.

2. Evening Schedule

Once you have a morning routine in place, it’s time to plan out a simple evening routine. Your evening doesn’t have to be super complicated or planned out to the minute.

Instead your evening routine is really just setting yourself up for a successful morning. You are giving yourself a clean slate each day when you keep some specific habits each evening.

See an example evening routine here.

3. Daily Schedule

How you start and end your day are the most important ways to ensure success as a stay at home mom. But you should also come up with a flexible plan for the time in between the morning and evening.

It will take a little time to figure out the best daily schedule for you, but it is absolutely worth it! Your whole family will thrive when your day is structured and focused.

When you get intentional with your days, you will find that you accomplish more and still have time to rest or maybe even start a hobby!

Not every day will run exactly as planned, but following a flexible schedule provides stability even on days when not everything goes smoothly.

See an example daily schedule for stay at home moms here.

4. Weekly Schedule

This last step will pull all of the other schedules together. As you begin each week, carve out some quiet time to plan ahead for specific things you’ll be doing in the week ahead.

I like to do this on Sunday afternoon when the house is quiet. But when my husband worked on the weekends, I would do my weekly planning on Fridays. Pick a day that makes sense to your schedule.

I love using a weekly planner, but you absolutely don’t have to buy one.

Here are the following things you’ll want to plan for each week:

  • meals
  • household cleaning
  • errands
  • calls to make
  • bills to pay
  • things to buy
  • self care
  • goal(s)
  • family time

Stop feeling overwhelmed at home. Get ahead on the housework with the Motivated Homemaker Checklist!

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