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The Essential Tips for Schedules You’ll Actually Stick With!

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Do you ever wonder how to create household routines and schedules that you actually stick with?

Routines are super important when it comes to running a household and staying organized. They helped me become a more confident and less stressed mom and homemaker.

But what if you have tried following routines and schedules in the past and they just didn’t work?

It may be that you are following someone else’s routine and haven’t personalized it enough. Routines are unique to each person and household. It is helpful to get ideas from other homemakers and moms, but you should never completely follow what others are doing.

How to Stick to a Schedule

1. Embrace the season of life you are in.

If your routines don’t seem to be working for you and your family, it may be time to reevaluate the season of life you are in and make a new plan.

Routines and schedules should adjust when family dynamics and activities change. Instead of trying to do things the way they always have been done, embrace the changes and let your routines reflect them.

After having my second born, it seemed every time I tried to get something done, my baby needed to be fed. I felt frustrated that I was never able to get things done until I realized that I simply needed to adjust my routine to the new season of life. I made a new plan by writing down the times my baby needed fed throughout the day and then worked the rest of the day around the feedings.

The same has been true with social distancing. My husband now works from home and of course I can’t take my kids when I run errands. These changes meant, my regular schedules had to change.

2. Eliminate the extras.

Do you ever find yourself accomplishing a bunch of things that aren’t actually necessary? It may be because you haven’t thought through what absoulustly has to get done.

For most of us, meals and laundry are essential, yet those things don’t always get done. Set aside some time to think through the essential household tasks for your family. This list is your priority.

The priorities in my home are laundry, meals, grocery shopping, clean kitchen, clean bathrooms, and clean floors. There are a lot of other things that I could do such as organizing or window washing, but they aren’t a priority.

Those tasks aren’t part of my daily and even weekly routines. I get to them when I have time and see that they need done.

3. Put it in writing.

Now that you have your list of essential household tasks, it’s time to make a plan. Otherwise you’ll be flying by the seat of your pants hoping you’ll finish all of those things. Let me tell ya, that doesn’t work too well!

Believe me. I’ve been there. Done that. I didn’t get the t-shirt though. 😉

Chances are you have a lot of different routines that you follow throughout the day and week, whether it is a morning or evening routine, cleaning routine, or even a meal planning routine.

Pick the one that doesn’t seem to be working well right now and start brainstorming a plan.

Start with your anchors, the things that happen at the same time every day like meals, wakeup, bedtimes, and work schedules. Then fill in the in-between times with other activities. You can read more about creating a daily schedule for stay at home moms in this post.

I also use a daily planner to write out my daily and weekly tasks.

4. Make it flexible not rigid.

If you have kids, things will not go as planned. Scratch that. If you are human, things will not always go as planned!

Life happens. Situations come up. And sometimes those things get us off track, but it is important to figure out how to get back on track.

For example, I love waking up before my kids and my morning routine reflects that. However, there are days they wake up early or I sleep in. That doesn’t mean my whole morning routine is thrown out the window. Instead it means I have a plan B. It looks a little different from plan A, but it still accomplishes the essentials.

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